What Does Sisterhood Look Like?

Is friendship really about time or loyalty? In my mind, loyalty reigns over time. Memories are only as important as those present in them. I have shared so much with my roommates in the last three years. I cannot imagine living without them. We have less than four months left together. On my Road to Graduation, I vow to make more lifetime memories with my girls from 259 and laugh like crazy. Who do you talk to when you've prayed and stressed over situations? Who do you vent to? Never take them for granted. Friendship turns to sisterhood once you learn to trust, protect, and love one another.

What does sisterhood look like? I mean for real, what is it like to have friends that you love like sisters? I can say that my roommates have become like sisters. We know so much about each other and always looks out for each other. We don't always get along nor do we always agree, but I know that when I come home at the end of the day rather I'm smiling or full of tears they will listen to my sob stories and give me advice. I will truly miss living in 259 with my girls. This is my last semester with them and I can't help but to dedicate this post to the memories that we've shared and crazy stories to come.

What lifelong friendships have you made down through the years? Before marriage and all that great stuff, you get your family and your girls. It is up to you to capitalize on those friendships or ignore them. You don't get forever to treat people who you want to treat them. Sisterhood is about going above and beyond even when you don't want to and loving people past their shortcomings. I have learned so much form my girls. What about you, queen?

Are you one of those girls who puts their relationship before their friends? Do you choose to entertain guys rather than spend nights laughing with your girls? You will NEVER get this time back , to enjoy college so don't waste it. I wasted enough of my time with guys. Don't be like me. Choose to expand your sisterhood and friendships!

Leave your comments below on what you think sisterhood is. Thanks for tuning into this week's #GirlTalkTuesday! Peace and Love!