Weekend Recap: Go Blog Social
This weekend was CRAZY busy for me. I attended my first blogger conference and went to a fashion show. In the process, I learned a ton about blogging as a career, from the aesthetics to the money. I am still on overload from Go Blog Social. Sunday morning I went to church with my mother. Service was exactly what I needed. Apostle Keith Wesley preached about having faith in God. I have been struggling a little bit with that, so his sermon was very encouraging and practical. After church I studied for my exams and then went to help behind the scenes with Women of Imagery's Phresh Night of Fashion. I started helping to plan the show last November, so it was awesome to see it all come together. Overall my weekend was just a preview of future life after college. Did I mention the fact that I had two exams and three quizzes to study for and a project to work on? If I didn't trust God and study along the way I wouldn't have been successful at juggling everything on my plate. 
I left school at 6am on Friday morning to attend Go Blog Social in Kansas City and let me tell you, "It was amazing!" When I first heard about the conference I knew that I wanted to go, but I wasn't sure how I would get there on my college budget. So as the conference drew closer I was getting sad because I wanted to go so badly, but I did not have a ticket. One week before the conference I entered two giveaways for Go Blog Social. I entered the giveaway on SaraScoop.com and Kathryn Mansur's instagram page, and ended up winning Kathryn's giveaway. I was amped to be an attendee of Go Blog Social!

Kathryn Mansur and I on day two of the conference
On day one of Go Blog Social I was a tad bit overwhelmed and intimidated by the crowd, but I slowly warmed up. It was really awesome learning that so many bloggers had the same questions as me. I was inspired by everyone's super cute outfits and more specifically their statement necklaces. I am a style lover, so being in a room of super stylish women was like looking at living magazines. Ha.   Day one I learned that being passionate about my work is the only way to grow my brand and be successful. I would dare to say that I am on right track. What do you think?
LaShonda and I
After a day filled with amazing speakers, the night ended with a social. Everyone returned to the venue ready to socialize and enjoying some delicious snacks. I had a great time in the photo bus with LaShonda of FashionPlateKC.com. I spent much of the conference with LaShonda. She is a feisty ball of knowledge!
Breaks are great for selfies! Ha.
On day two of Go Blog Social I was eager to learn more about monetizing my blog. I love what I do and being paid to do it would make it even more amazing. I was a tad bit sleepy and my brain was in blog overload, so I decided not to stay for the ending social. I went home with a nap and studying on my agenda, but ended up working on my blog and relaxing with my family. God knew that that was exactly what I needed. 
Katie of Little Black Blog, LaShonda of Fashion Plate KC, and I
To sum up Go Blog Social in three words it was inspiring, educational, and fun! I met so many amazing women with similar passions as myself. I will make every effort to be there again next year. 
Much Love,