Vision Board Mixer

Vision Board Mixer

Last Thursday I hosted my Vision Board Mixer. It was my very first event with Jasmine Diane and it turned out great. A few of my good girlfriends got together in my home to create vision boards, talk about our dreams, snack on cupcakes, and sip on my famous punch! The night was filled with laughter, encouragement, and female empowerment. I couldn't have asked for a better group of women to start my events with.
Why vision boards?
I got the idea to make a vision board from Anneka Maquay of Show Me Shoes. I was telling her everything that I wanted to do and she told me to make a vision board. After spending hours on Pinterest, I decided that it would be fun to create my board with my girls and cupcakes. I honestly, just wanted to create an event that I would want to attend. That's the best part of being an artistic and vision driven purpose, you can make things happen! I had a really great time listening to music, talking, laughing, and snacking with my girls!
My Favorite Part 
My favorite part of the mixer was when I asked the ladies what their biggest aspiration in life was. It was really eye-opening to hear that everyone had the goals, to be entrepreneurs and role models for future generations. I am a firm believer in going after your dreams and reaching back in the process. It was truly a blessing to hear my girls say the same thing. I am positive that creating a safe place for everyone to talk about their dreams made a positive impact on every lady in the room. We need more events like this! (I will be having another event at the start of next semester!)
What I Gained
I gained a tremendous amount of confidence and courage. I was full of excitement and fear about my mixer. I was scared that no one would come, I was afraid that I'd burn the cupcakes, I was sad that I had pimples on my face, but in the end none of that crap mattered. The take away is that you should go after exactly what you want in life. Start now, with whatever you have! I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did. Don't forget to connect with me on instagram, pinterest, facebook, and twitter! Until next time dolls, toodles!