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UPDATE: 23 Things Before Turning 2-3

Lifestylejasmine diane
UPDATE: 23 Things Before Turning 2-3

I am super excited that I am almost the big 2-3. Yes, my Jordan year is upon us. 22 was crazy busy and full of shifting, which I believe prepared me for 23. I graduated from college, traveled, became and ex-girlfriend for the last time, moved back to Kansas City, etc. I mean a lot has happen, both good and bad. Below you will find my updates on my 23 Before 23 posts. See the original post here.

1. CONQUER FEAR OF HEIGHTS: Ride in a hot air balloon or airplane I flew to Atlanta, GA all by myself for spring break. You can read about my experience flyinghere.

2. GET OUT OF THE MIDWEST: Relocate to Atlanta, GA or Dallas, TX This was my plan, not God's plan so here I am in Kansas City and I absolutely love it!

3. GRADUATE: Graduate from the University of Missouri I was so humbled and excited when I walked across that stage on May 15. Read more about my post grad life here.

4. GET FIT: Maintain desired weight of 150 pounds I haven't tackled this one! I have kept off about 5 pounds consistently, but that's about it. I'm still in the 160s.

. TRAVEL: Visit Atlanta, GA I have been twice since November!  Wanna know how my spring break trip in the ATL was? See it here.


6. TRAVEL:Visit Chicago, IL I haven't made it to the windy city yet, but who is to say that I won't make the trip before my birthday or for my birthday? My heart is still set on Chicago in the future, but I haven't made any plans as of yet. Any suggestions for things to do in Chicago?

7. EXPLORE ART: Visit 3 different museums:

  • MLK Museum     Atlanta, GA
  • Various exhibits during First Fridays
  • The Nelson Atkins Museum    Kansas City, MO
  • Dallas Museum of Art    Dallas, TX

8. EXPLORE ART: Go to a music concert I am going to Dancefestopia next weekend! It's something new and different. I was heart broken when I missed the Jazmin Sullivan concert in Kansas City. I won free tickets and literally planned for the wrong day.

9. STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS: Get baptized I haven't felt inclined to get baptized at my new church yet.

10. BLOG GOALS: Monetize That's a work in progress!

11. EXPLORE: Go camping Not quite.

12. BEAUTY: Get highlights or change hair color

 13. CHALLENGE MYSELF: Draft my first ebook

14. EXPLORE: Lay outside in the darkest of night to count the stars then stay awake to watch the sunrise

15. EXPLORE ART: See Strivers Row Live The Passion for Christ Movement is coming to Kansas City, so I am going to see them instead. I love both groups of spoken word artists so this is a win, win!

16. FIRST TIME: See the beach Not yet!

17. FIRST TIME: Take up yoga Not yet!

18. READY TO DO IT AGAIN: Go canoeing Not yet!

 19. GET FIT: Run one mile in 10 minutes flat Mission accomplished this spring. Now I just need to get back to it consistently.

20. BEAUTY: Grow out hair I am growing out my natural hair. I had no intentions on going natural when I wrote this initial post, but look at me now. I am in love with my curls and look forward to my puff days. I miss ponytails.


21. BLOG GOALS: Reach 100,000 page views for Not yet!

22. CONQUERING FEAR: Land full-time job I had a FT internship and recently quit to pursue my passions. Life was way too serious working a 9 to 5.

23. EXPLORE: Try 1 new cuisine I tried some new food from Israel at the KC Ethnic Festival. I don't know what it was called, but it taste okay. Outside of soul food, I'm a picky eater. I love Mexican, Chinese, and soul food. Hot watered corn bread, yams, greens, and fried chicken are my favorites! What do you like to eat?

That's all folks. I am almost 23 years old and I have accomplished nearly everything that I set out to do this year. I really didn't think that I would get this close to accomplishing this list. I just knew that I wanted to expand my knowledge and life experiences outside of the norm. I challenge you to do the same and write out a list of things that you want to do before your next birthday! You may amaze yourself!