Unorthodox Clothing: Sadiki McDermott

My phone interview with Sadiki of

Unorthodox Clothing

took place on November 14, 2013. I could literally feel his passion beating through his chest over the phone. Sadiki was fun to talk to and honest with his responses. He didn’t have cookie cutter responses for my questions. He was open and very descriptive. Sadiki has big dreams and a positive attitude that will carry him. His team and crazy work ethic will definitely get

Unorthodox Clothing

to that next level in the streetwear industry. I actually found out about

Unorthodox Clothing

through one of Sadiki's teammates, YouTube Guru,

The Notorious Kia

.  Keep reading to learn more about the amazing and innovative man behind

Unorthodox Clothing


Where do you see your career within the 5 years?

S: I see myself as an entrepreneur, building on my dreams and making a difference. I see

Unorthodox Clothing

being a leader in the streetwear industry, expanding to Tokyo, London, to a bigger LA market, taking over New York, inside of a variety of department stores and boutiques.

What is your idea of “getting there?” 

S: Long ways away in reality, but not in my mind. Realistically, I would just like to make a difference in the world. I want to change a lot of lives in a positive way and leave something for my family, particularly my daughter.

Sadiki wants to pave the way for those who will come after him. He wants to open up schools, starting in New York or somewhere on the east coast. Good, quality education is very important to Sadiki. The right schooling is important. He wants to change the system and create an atmosphere where entrepreneurs can thrive.

Who have you worked with and/or worked for? Who would you like to work with and/or work for?

S: I have worked for Nordstrom’s in the suit department, styling and taking measurements. I learned a lot about how you are supposed to look and carry yourself. Everyone is different and everyone will wear anything. A lot of people want to look normal, but

Unorthodox Clothing

is here to let people know that they can wear whatever they want to wear. We provide clothing and style for individuals.

What was your motivation behind starting

Unorthodox Clothing



The deciding factor came from buying clothing. I decided that I didn’t want to buy other people’s clothing, I wanted to make my own. I started out with tees, hats, and sweater, but eventually Unorthodox Clothing will consist of sneakers and outerwear as well. I am slowly but surely building a brand.

Who runs Unorthodox Clothing?

Sadiki McDermott – Founder/Creative Director

Perez Segura –  Head of Unorthodox West

Ricky St. Louime – Sales/Operations

Kia Davidson – Public Relations Specialist /In House Stylist

What is something that you do not like about the fashion industry?

S: The snobbery and negativity when it comes to independence. It’s tough for up and coming designers. People judge critically and not artistically. There is not a lot of praise in the fashion industry, but

Unorthodox Clothing

wants attention for being different. We want you to have a reaction.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

I would make sure that people accept individuality, eliminating discrimination, and stop judging each other off of differences. We have to understand that it is ok to stand out and be different.

What does confidence mean to you?

S: Anyone wearing

Unorthodox Clothing

is confident. When you see someone that is confident you just know it. It has certain calmness and confidence exuberates itself. Confidence is something that people in New York encompass. Its subtle, but you know it when you see it.

Where do you find inspiration?

S: My inspiration comes from my faith. There are a lot of religious symbols within

Unorthodox Clothing.

What fashion story describes you in a nutshell?

S: All black. If I weren’t producing a line I would wear all black everyday.

What made you move to New York?

S: I was born and raised in New York. I plan to conquer my city and be successful in my city


I got tired of trying to overcome the battle of adapting to other places. New York just feels good.

What is your favorite season to shop for?

S: Spring because I like old school style with windbreakers, a fresh pair of js and a track jacket or jean jackets and t-shirts. Spring is a combination of seasons, summer and fall.

What career advice do you have for



S: Just stay resilient, persistent, and work on your craft. Continue to dream and anything that you can think of you can bring to reality.

What mark do you want to leave on this world?

S: My daughter

Do you have any upcoming events or projects that


readers should be on the lookout for?


Unorthodox Clothing

white winter collection

How can TheeFashionStories readers contact you?







Thank you Sadiki for letting me pick your brain and learn more about

Unorthodox Clothing.

You are mad dope. I love your positive attitude, big ideas, and motivation. There is no doubt in my mind that you will accomplish everything that you’ve set out to do.

Much Love,