Tineka Rentie

My name is Tineka Rentie and I am the Executive Director of Women of Imagery.  I consider myself a late fashion bloomer.  I was always a tomboy of sort growing up and just recently begin to make an attempt to dress on trend.  My goal in life is to feed my servant nature by always being a resource to other women and my community.

What is the purpose of Women of Imagery?
Women of Imagery’s mission is to provide resources to women to assist them in overcoming their present circumstances, empowering them to realize their dreams.
What made you start Women of Imagery?
It was a funny story.  A group of friends had gone with me to Las Vegas for my bachelorette party.  Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances we found ourselves stuck in our hotel room on a Saturday night (in VEGAS).  We talked all night about our goals, dreams, challenges, and insecurities.  We realized that we all come from differing backgrounds and yet as women we are all faced with very similar challenges.  I decided then to develop this organization that will serve as a sisterhood of sorts to empower ourselves and the community.


What functions do WOI serve in the Kansas City area community?
Women of Imagery has provided more than $6000 in scholarships to high school girls and adult women who have set their sights on furthering their education.  Through our IMAGE Workshops (Illustrations of Me Achieving Greatness & Excellence), we have served close to 300 women with seminars on credit, self defense, entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyles, and much more.  Through the Diamond in the Rough Mentoring Campaign, WOI has been able to partner young women with a professional group of women to provide support, encouragement, and help establish a pattern of success.
In what ways have being a part of WOI impacted your life?
Being apart of #TEAMIMAGERY has been amazing to me.  I always say that it is my way of selfishly meeting my need to give.  It allows to me to address issues that are very important to me, like education, sisterhood, and providing resources for women to reach their full potential.  I am beyond blessed to be able to have a team of women that believe in that same concept.
Where do you seen WOI in five years?
In 5 years I see WOI being able to serve more young women in our community.  I would love to be able to extend our Diamond in the Rough Mentoring Campaign.  I would love see a resource center specifically for women to come and get connected with the opportunities they need to succeed.


What is the most fulfilling part of your work?
The fact that I do this in a volunteer nature, and would continue to do this without ever receiving a single penny, has allowed me to see that I am living out my purpose.  I am a giver, a self professed “do gooder” and I am totally okay with that.
How can readers become involved with Women of Imagery?
Women of Imagery is always looking for our community to become more involved with our mission.  We have various membership levels that allow you to be apart of #TEAMIMAGERY of our volunteer corps at the White Diamond Level all the way up to being a part of the decision making processes of the organization as Pink Diamond Member. We of course are looking for partners to facilitate programming, and all financial support is welcomed.
Does WOI have any events coming up that readers can attend or become a part of?
We will have our Women on the Move Luncheon in early July where we recognize female community leaders in community service, education, and business.  We will also be participating in our 4th Annual Beautiful Minds Back to School Spa Day for girls in August.  This is one of our favorite events because it allows us to arm community girls with the confidence and school supplies they need to start their school year off right.
How can readers contact Women of Imagery?
We always encourage the community to get to know us by visiting our website www.womenofimagery.org.  They can also follow us on twitter and instagram @womenofimagery and on FB at Women of Imagery, Inc.
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your dream! It has been a pleasuring being on the planning team for the fashion show! I hope that the Phresh Night of Fashion is everything that you imagined and more!

Much Love and Respect,