Time To Do It

Time To Do It

This post is for you! Un hun it's for you, the girl always hiding in the background. Stop being a punk and step out onto that stage. Overcome your self-debt, be fearless, declutter, and just go for it! Sometimes in life you have to stop and just do it for you. I know that you have a ton of reasons why you are afraid and feel like you can't make it, but it is time for you to rise above all of that and become the woman that God intended for you to be. I'm preaching to myself as well, but this post.... is for you!

Keep scrolling so I can set your soul on fire with courage and confidence. You can do this girl. I want to see you win!

Get Inspired

I know that you are probably wondering why I feel like I am equip to inspire you, so I will share a little bit of my story with you before I give you some principles to live by that will help you to stop being a punk. No, I am not an expert at chasing dreams or standing out in front of the crowd, but yes I will try it over and over again because the rush that I get from leaving my comfort zone is worth it every single time. I have found that the more I fell in love with fashion and blogging, the more I wanted to see more fashion magazines, printed pants, and gold watches. Get on pinterest or instagram and get inspired with photos or visit a museum!

Step Outside of your Comfort Zone

I come from a big family, and we didn't grow up rich or poor but somewhere in between. I never really learned to fit in at school and I have been a loner most of my life, yet I love to talk. Why is that? Because sometimes God chooses to give talents and gifts to the least of us. Meaning that although being in groups and speaking to people that I do not know is outside of my comfort zone, I am forced to do them both by blogging which is exactly what God called me to do. Sure my life can be chaotic and down right messy at times, but that is just who I am. Your gifts may not make sense to you or even the people around you, but the sooner you stop being a punk the quicker your purpose will arise in you.

Forget Your Fears
Everything that you have ever desired is on the other side of fear. I get scared all of the time, but I don't let fear trap me. It's not always easy putting my soul out on the internet or talking to random people at fashion events, but it is always worth it. You need to put on your big girl panties, lace I hope, and soar to the top of the charts. There is a tidbit of Sasha Fierce inside of us all. You cannot live your entire life in the shadows of what could have been or should have been.

You are amazing and you deserve to get that rush of excitement that I feel every time I publish a post or finish a photo shoot. Who you are will never change, so embrace it and choose to share yourself with the rest of the world. The only one you.

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