8 Things You Need to Know Before Painting

8 Things You Need to Know Before Painting

I painted my room while jamming out to Lemonade by Bey! ! I never imagined that I'd be painting my bedroom when I moved into my grandfather's home last May. (Pictures are below.) Let's just say I hate wallpaper and can't thank God enough that I don't have to stare at it everyday. Are you thinking about painting for the first time? Below are tips and tricks that I learning during my first go round painting a room alone. If I can do it, then so can you! Check out my list of tips below:

8 things you need to know before painting

Ventilation is Key
You need a fan going and windows open. The windows in my bedroom don't open up so I put a fan in the doorway facing out to pull the fumes out and into the rest of the house. The front door was cracked to give the fumes a place of escape.

Wear gloves and a headscarf
I had on gloves then took them off to move some stuff around. #dumbmove Guys I had to remove the paint from my hands without gasoline because I didn't buy paint remover or paint thinner. Thanks God for my grandfather being from the old school and knowing all of the tricks! My fingers were sticking together like crazy and it got annoying.

Don't buy a cheap roller!
I love a good bargain like the next person, but take my word on this one. I had to continually push my roller together. It was a super headache and a little funny. Save yourself a major headache and purchase a quality roller if you can. If you can't, be prepared to work a little bit harder.

Lay down something to catch paint splatters
Gosh I wish I bought a bigger piece of fabric/plastic to cover my carpet. I had to move my floor cover each time I moved walls. It wasn't annoying, so if you want to be cheap about this part then I'm all for it. You could also go free and use old sheets or newspapers to cover your floor. Honestly, as long as you have something to catch your paint splatters then you're fine.

8 things you need to know before painting

Buy a brush for corners and edges
You need something to get those small places right together for you, honey! Trust me.

Buy or find a paint mixer
I used an old skirt hanger, but I want you to flourish! LOL you can use an old ruler if you don't want to drop money on a paint mixer. This is another place where you can cut corners. Don't break the bank on a paint mixer.

Take a break every 15 minutes
This one goes along with ventilation. You need to step outside at least every 15 minutes to give your lungs fresh air. I didn't do this and paid with a major headache and nose burn. Take a break for fresh air, even if you feel fine. Breaks are essential! Do a dance break during your breaks!

2 is better than 1
Bribe a friend with pizza to help you! The work will go faster with more hands. 

Thank you for reading! I hope that these tips were a big help to you! I love the way painting made me feel aka empowered! The color is a lot softer than the floral wallpaper that was staring me in the face everyday. I'm so happy that I got a chance to freshen things up! Stay tuned for decor updates. I am going to share some DIY bedroom projects.

Have you painted before? Do you have any insights to share?

Love Always,
Jasmine Diane