Things Misty Copeland Taught Us

Things Misty Copeland Taught Us

Yesterday Misty Copeland was named the first Black principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre. This is a huge accomplishment for Misty because not only did she break a race barrier because of her talent, she also inspired an entire generation of little girls to go after their dreams. I am often amazed at the humility of successful people. I, like many others, was put here to be a light in this dark world.

"It is amazing what faith and hard work can do."

Thank you Misty Copeland for reminding us, myself specifically, "that there are no limits when faith and purpose collide." What are your dreams? What are you doing today to get to where you want to be? I can admit that I have fallen short of the goals and plans that I made for myself. I have failed miserably at a lot of things, given up too soon on friendships, and cried too much over spilled milk, but none of that matters because my purpose is still waiting for me. Similarly, your destiny is still waiting for you.

We were put here for purposes greater than ourselves. Although we get to enjoy the benefits of the successes, we must also endure the hardships. Job said it best, "Must I accept good from the Lord and not evil?" Everything that you have ever felt, accomplishment, triumphed over, etc. has shaped you into the amazingly talented, outspoken, beautiful, and wise woman that you are today. Take these words and celebrate yourself. You can be the first lady of the United States of American like Mrs. Michelle Obama, you can be the next Oprah Winfrey, or even Beyonce.

"Pretty girl, you can break barriers just like #MistyCopeland did. Greatness is inside of you."

Thank you Misty Copeland for reminding this little black girl, that I can achieve the impossible.