Things Have Changed

I used to want to be big and known, similar to other bloggers. But now things have changed. I want to just be myself and help others grow. I love that is growing in popularity and that I am building my network. Working with local designers this summer has been so inspiring and eye opening. Dreams really do come true and God has been nothing short of amazing to me. I love the Lord and I love fashion, and it is my pleasure to edit this blog. I love what God is doing in my life and in the lives of others around me. I have grown so much this summer as a business woman and lady.

I had big plans of leaving this state for the summer and never coming back, but now I know why God told me to turn down my internship offers. It was simply because he needed to humble me and show me what really matters in life. It's not about money or fame, but rather enjoying life and taking breaths to enjoy the little things. this summer I have genuinely enjoyed. It wasn't perfect and I made some mistakes, but it was all worth it. Looking back at the start of 2013 and now just makes me laugh. God is great and I am really honored to be his little princess. I just wanted to vent to you all and let you know that anything is possible with God on your side and faith in your heart. Don't give up on your dreams. Start here & now, it's never too late.

Much Love, Jas