There Is A Time For Everything Pt. 2

I pride myself on progression, motivation, and positivity, but lately its been hard not to think about my shortcomings. I wonder where I would be as a blogger if I had kept my old domain, never fallen in love, never let my grades slip, never did this and that. I mean, I see so many people who are much more successful than me as bloggers, writers, business owners, students, etc. Do you ever get down on yourself when comparing your life to others? I used to do it all of the time and it never got me anywhere. I have learned to use my tears and failures as stepping stones on my strut to greatness!
Remember Why You Started
Giving up was never a thought when I started blogging and open up my shop, so why did it cross my mind so much last month? I'm not sure if it was my breakup or realizing that I'd gained well over 15 pounds. Nonetheless, this month I am working on being the best Jasmine that I can be. I think that you should do the same. You are only in competition with yourself. We can all do amazing things, but we aren't all willing to make sacrifices or go through the process. I have made a conscious decision to go through the process and I am positive that I am exactly where God wants me. I am 100% that you are exactly where he knew that you would be as well.
Stop being so hard on yourself. You did NOT come this far to give up. I guess you could say that I just got a boost of energy and passion. Dry places are needed just as much as fruitful valleys. Wherever you may find yourself at this very moment, know that God is with you and He is waiting to hear from you. I spent so much time running from God that I forgot how much peace He provides when you give him control of your life.
Never Stop Learning Who You Are
The hardest part about growing for me was learning to accept myself and trust the process. One thing that people forget is that we all have a journey and job to do. I never want to be that girl who loses herself in a relationship, but that is exactly who I always end up becoming. Breakups suck, but you have to look at the positives. Throw on your red lipstick, LBD (little black dress), heels, and dance in your mirror. Go visit a museum, start a blog, create a clothing line, etc. The point is that you need to get busy doing things that come natural to you.
Your purpose is greater than any relationship, job, car, pair of shoes, etc. Dust yourself up and keep it pushing! Everything happens for a reason and in its proper season. Relax and hang out with your girlfriends in between working like crazy to ensure a great future for yourself. I promise to be here nearly every step of the way!
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