The Perfect Weekend + 5 Ways to Fall in Love

Best date ever + Family time + Outdoor workout + Photo shoot = MY WEEKEND
I literally had one of the greatest weekends ever. Toots (my car), Cameron (my brother), and I left Columbia on Friday evening as the sun was setting. I love the orange, pink, and purple rays of the sun while it's setting and rising. In my 23 for 2-3 List I said that I wanted to catch the sunrise, so of course I was in heaven watching it set. There's something super majestic about the sun. God really outdid himself with the landscape of this Earth, the stars, moon, and sun! Okay back to my weekend now.Once I got home, I cheated. (sad face) I had Sonic for dinner and it was beyond delicious. I ordered a classic sonic burger with no onions and a small tot. Then I tapped out. (went to sleep) Saturday started with an hour long workout at my old high school's track. I jogged/ walked 2 miles, ran stairs, and did ab work outs. Later, I spent time with my family before heading to take pictures for a couple of hours.

I love doing style photo shoots when the weather is nice. The sunshine always reminds me that God is smiling on me. Next, it was time to eat! I treated myself to a Garden of Eden salad from The Mixx. Hands down the absolute best salad ever. Finally my Sunday started with an amazing church service, then my little's sisters 21st birthday party, an hour long gym session, and ended with a personal spa night! All in all, this weekend was one of the best ever for me. What did you do this week?

Are you bored a lot? Never satisfied unless you have company? Here are 5 ways to fall in love with yourself that work me. You should try them and tell me if they work for you. I truly believe that these 5 things are why my weekend was so great!

5 Ways to Fall in Love (with Yourself)

1. Get Active: I'm working on my fitness, so I enjoy working out. If you're not into the gym then try joining a recreational team or getting active with your mind. You have to do stuff, rather it's mental or physical. The confidence and joy that I feel after finishing a tough workout is indescribable.

2. Treat Yourself: I bought myself 2 pairs of shoes and t-shirt this weekend. I couldn't help myself! I love when I look good. When I love my outfit, I feel better. Doing small things for yourself, like buying a new pair of shoes or a new bag are essential. You can't rely on other people to take care of you. Take charge of your life. Work hard and treat yourself!

3. Spend time alone: I was pretty much alone all day on Saturday. I laughed and talked with myself. (We all do it!) I felt guilty for not doing that more often. I love to talk, so I'm always doing just that, but sometimes I need to be alone to journal and end of talking to my roommates all night then I can't sleep because there is too much on my mind. My advice to you is to spend time doing things that you love, alone.

4. Pamper Yourself: This should have been #1. You have to pamper yourself or go get pampered. I love painting my nails and washing my hair. I do my hair once a week and paint my nails every other week. I love a fresh paint job on my toes. LOL. I'm still in need of a professional massage and facial. I shall work those things into my budget eventually. How do you pamper yourself?

5. Affirm yourself: Tell yourself that you are beautiful. Write it on your white board. Write it on your mirror. Write it on your heart. You are beautiful and you deserve nothing but the very best! You should check out some of my girl talk posts to read more about this one in particular!

That's all folks! Thanks for checking out this post! I hope that your enjoyed it. Peace and love!

Ps. Did you watch my Thank You video on Facebook? Click here to view it. I really appreciate all of the love and support that you guys give me. Be sure to leave all of your comments below. Finish this statement for me, " My perfect weekend would consists of _______________."