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The Magnetic Power of Your Dreams

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The Magnetic Power of Your Dreams
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Believe in the magnetic power of your dreams. You owe the world all of what God has put inside of you. Quite frankly, I've always said that I wanted to die empty not necessarily old. That's what this quotes means to me, believing in your dreams and bringing them to pass. You may not see a whole lot of success in the beginning, but I promise you that it will happen. Below I am going to share my story of the magnetic power of dreams.

KC Fashion Week

I am blessed + honored to be an Official KCFW Ambassador this season. The crazy part is, I started out as a volunteer about 3 years ago. I always made it a point to drive up from school to see the shows and meet people. Recently, my blog has gained more exposure and this opportunity really sealed the deal for me. I wanted to give up on style blogging a few weeks ago, but something pushed me to keep going. I believe that it was the magnetic power of my dreams. This moment is priceless, but I would have never got there is I never volunteered to steam dresses and pick up trash behind the scenes first. Service is not beneath me. Have you tried supporting a organization that you want to be a part of with your talents or services?

KC Fashion Week with

College Graduation

Baby girl is a first-generation college graduate with no children. I beat the statistic, but it wasn't because of anything special about it. It was God's divine plan. We never know how strong we are or what we can take until we have no other option. While I was in college, my family dynamics changed a lot. To keep it short and sweet, there were births and deaths and a divorce. So yeah, it wasn't all peachy being far away but living hours away did force me to pray for my family and give me a clear mind to see what I wanted my life to be like.

College graduation was a big deal and my entire family came to celebrate with me. Just imagine the special people in your life celebrating your dreams and goals with you. Don't give up because a lot of people are depending on you.

Jasmine Diane graduates from college


I touched on this briefly above, but seriously blogging has changed my life. I tell this story every time I am blessed with the opportunity to speak with young women. Is started blogging after a bad breakup with my high school boyfriend whom I still can't stand, but that's a whole different post in itself. Boredom and tears can lead to some amazing things. Every step in your journey has purpose when it comes to your dreams. Do not quit in the middle.

"Every step in your journey has purpose when it comes to your dreams. "

In each case, I never gave up even when it sucked. Dark times will come when you're on the path to greatness, but you can't give up. Don't let the clouds deter you because your light is worthy of shining. I want you to know that I'm not perfect and honestly, never will be but my desire for success + a better life outweigh the obstacles in front of me. God will never give you a vision without provision.

Go give flight to your dreams. Lastly, what is your dream? How are you taking strides to get there?