The Best Cheap Lipsticks

The Best Cheap Lipsticks

I have been wanting to jump into the world of beauty blogger for a while now, so here I am! Today's beauty corner features the best cheap lipstick. Its full of moisture, pigment, and under $6. Can you guess what brand of lipstick is my current favorite?

Reasons Why I Love H&M Lipsticks:

1. Inexpensive

It's totally college-budget friendly. H&M lipstick only cost $5.95. You can buy 1 tube of lipstick every time you get paid if you feel inclined. I try to grab a few shades each season. If you don't love the shade of lipstick that you bought, you won't feel cheated out of a ton of money. Of course you can always return it!

2. Trendy Colors

I just got into the beauty world, so the fact that H&M lipsticks only come in trendy colors is perfect for me. If you are a beauty junkie this may be a negative thing, but the fact that I can go into H&M and buy this season's most popular lipstick excites me. I am a sucker for a great pink or nude lip. This season I tried out a deep red by H&M, Downtown.

3. Moisturizing

I love lipstick as much as the next girl, but in the colder months of the year I hate having to put on chapstick underneath my lipsticks. With H&M lipstick, I just throw it on and my lips stay moist. the best cheap lipsticks for college girls H&M has one of the best cheap lipstick, ever.

If you are looking for more inexpensive lipstick brands you can try out Wet N' Wild. I love their colors as well, but I did develop a rash from switching between their colors too frequently. I haven't had this problem with any other lipstick brand. It's cheaper than H&M and comes in more colors, so if you are feeling adventurous then I would definitely try it out. I want to buy more of it in a few months.

Well that concludes today's beauty corner! I hope that you learned and loved this post! I will be doing more beauty posts in the future, so stay tuned. Be sure to follow me on instagram, twitter, pinterest, and facebook. Until next time dolls, toddles!