T Boutique Owner: Tamera Darden

Tamera Darden is a retail consultant based in New York. In addition, she offers fashion & business advice on her blog,

Plan T Style.

Tamera started blogging in 2009 as a creative outlet and has experienced the typical ups & downs of any blogger. Her experience & knowledge helped her land published editorials, styling for Mist Magazine & Chiffon Magazine. She launched

T Boutique

in Summer 2013 and just launched the T Boutique Summer Collection.

Where do you see your blog and T Boutique in the next 3 years?

I try not to predict the future, only because my expectations can certainly change a year from now. But I will say my blog has had several makeovers over the past 5 years. I’m truly now very happy with the focus and direction I’ve created for

Plan T Style. Plan T Style

really serves as a platform for my other endeavors, including my retail consulting company and

T Boutique. T Boutique

, although young, has seen many changes as well! I started T Boutique a year ago with just one screen and now I’m launching the Summer ’14 Collection with 3 tees! I would not have expected going this far but I am loving it! I guess 3 years from now I’d like to just be continuing to do what I love. Expanding my sphere of influence in the fashion and business worlds.

What inspires your style? Why?

I get inspiration from many things! One of my influences is certainly my grandmother. I remember being in college and raiding her closet every time I’d come home for the holidays, staking claim to her accessories. Living in New York offers so much inspiration. You can walk down the street and notice emerging trends. For instance, if I see like 5 people wearing red, I think to myself “hmm, maybe I should try something red?” Moreover, with so many cultures in one place it’s not hard to want to try to incorporate other styles into your style. Travelling also inspires me. Going to different parts of the world is eye-opening and definitely influences my style.

What quote(s) do you live by?

I really only live by one quote, “Just Do It.” Growing up and even through college, I was slightly timid, hard to believe (lol). I was outgoing but I really let my fear of rejection or timid nature stop me from doing a lot of things. So now, I really just do it. If it feels right and does not pose harm, I just jump. It’s like when I left my job after 6 years, I was freaking out a little, but I said to myself, “When is the next time I’ll have this opportunity to really do what I want to do?”

What has your proudest accomplishment been since you started blogging? Why?

I can’t really pinpoint my proudest accomplishment, but I’d say blogging has certainly created a path to new opportunities and different points of view. I started blogging in 2009 and really did it to escape the stress of my full time job. Then I started wardrobe styling. Fast forward to now, I am developing my t-shirt collection, teaching styling workshops and gearing up to start my retail consulting company. You really don’t know where blogging can lead, but it certainly does not have to be the end goal for anyone. The possibilities are endless!

Describe your fashion story.

Rocking one of my fabulous tees from

T Boutique

of course and a pencil skirt or fitted jeans. If I’m not rocking a casual tee I’m probably in a printed dress with low heels. I’m all about wearing things that fit me and I’ve cultivated a style that works for me after so many years of trial & error.

What words of wisdom do you have for fashion lovers who want to become business owners?

Truly think about what you enjoy doing and what you’re willing to invest a lot of money and time in. Starting any business truly takes both of those things: passion & investment. Don’t give up after one no. It truly takes 1,000 “no’s” to get that one yes. Do as many internships as you can early! Be nice to service employees (i.e. waitresses, I was one and I totally respect servers!). Your original idea can morph into something better, just be open to it. Sometimes you have to create your own path, and people will eventually follow. Be consistent. Work hard and breathe once in a while. I can go on and on with advice!

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