Red Lips + Fur Accent + Lots of Snow

Nothing like a great snow day in college. This will probably be my last snow day, so I decided to enjoy it by doing something that I rarely do, NOTHING. I procrastinated all day on my assignments, but eventually I finished. I had fun just reading the Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian beef via twitter and instagram. What was your take on the issues?
Back to this outfit, I am a sucker for a great red lip. This is my favorite shade of red, Ruby Woo by MAC Cosmetics. It is tried and true, so I opted to buy myself a new tube for Valentine's Day. I had a great Valentine's Day weekend. I saw my family whom I adore and spend the day with a great friend. Life is good. How did you spend your holiday? Did you indulge in too many sweets? No worries! Join me in getting back my summer body before spring break. Need more details? Click here. 
Life is funny. I never imagined having a Valentine this year or wearing fur. Things see to be happening unexpectedly a lot for me in 2015. I'm excited about what the future holds for me and this blog. Cheers to many more red lip days and surprises!
Sweater: H&M // Fur: Pamela McCoy (gift) // Skirt: Forver21 // Turban: House of Rena // Boots: Marshalls
Ps. You should check out my Get'er Done list for February and Midwest Twang posts. Peace and love!