Store Review: The Wardrobe

By Jasmine Cooper

Have you ever been in love with a store? Well that is exactly how I feel about The Wardrobe. I am head over heels in love with The Wardrobe's low price, friendly environment, and purpose. Not to mention, I always find amazing pieces to add to my wardrobe. I love to thrift shop, so when a friend of mine told me about The Wardrobe I just had to check it out. Keep reading to learn more about my experiences and then head on over to The Wardrobe! Here is the address:

715 Park Avenue
Columbia, Missouri 65201

Low Prices:
Nearly everything inside of The Wardrobe costs $1 except for specialty items. Sometimes they even have $0.25 sales at the end of a season. That's when nearly everything in the store only costs a quarter, as if the prices aren't already low enough!

Friendly Environment:
Every "worker" that you will see inside The Wardrobe is a volunteer. The volunteers work hard to keep the store clean, organized, and calm. They are always eager to help and super sweet. I feel right at home when I am shopping at The Wardrobe! It's not everyday that you walk into a retailer and find staff willing to help you find whatever you need.

Proceeds from The Wardrobe go straight towards children in the Columbia, Missouri area. I find this to be beautiful. The Wardrobe is run by volunteers and all of the proceeds are donated to those in need. Wow! During the week The Wardrobe is closed to the public to help those who need extra help in the Columbia,Missouri community. It truly warms my heart when I think about the goodness in the hearts of those who serve at The Wardrobe.

Final Thoughts:
For anyone who feels as though there is not hope in the world, just look for it in the little things around you. Places like The Wardrobe are beckons of light.

I have so many pieces from The Wardrobe that it is a little obsessive, but I cannot stop shopping there! The Wardrobe is amazing and the purpose behind the store is beautiful. You can check out some of my last Wardrobe haul here.

Make sure you bring cash.

Much Love,
Jas the Stylist

Ps. I make nearly all of my TFS beanies using old sweaters from the wardrobe. Check them out here.