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Store Review: Altar'd State

Stylejasmine diane
Store Review: Altar'd State

Over the weekend I visited Altar'd State in the Columbia Mall in Columbia, MO. I had a really pleasant experience in the store. The staff was helpful while I shopped around. Store manager, Amanda, was awesome about getting me into a fitting room and making sure that I had everything I needed to make things run smooth. Another

Altar'd State sales associate came back to check on me as well while I was trying on my items... which were all super cute!

Now to the good stuff...


I saw so many cute blouses, dresses, home knick knacks and pieces of jewelry on Altar'd State's sales floor. I took pictures in everything that I tried on so feel free to go grab a few of the pieces (pictures below). 

I really like the patterns, colors, and fabric of each piece that I tried on. The materials were soft and had just enough stretch. I would describe the pieces as timeless. The colors used inside the store were soft and feminine. I felt right at home since I am some what a diva!

I really like the decor in Altar'd State as a whole, but the fitting rooms area really blew my mind! My fitting room was cozy and had a warm feeling. The decor was beautiful and different (Check out the store for more details!). Every pillow and light was placed in it's very own special place. The dim lighting made me feel right at home trying on each item. Altar'd State has one of the best fitting rooms that I have ever been in and the staff was fabulous! Not to mention that there was uplifting music playing throughout the store. You all have to check it out to understand how awesome it actually is.

As far as pricing goes, Altar'd State is on the more expensive side when it comes to a college budget ($100/month), but 

Altar'd State is a great place to shop for statement pieces each season and accessories. The jewelry was reasonably priced and really cute. I saw a few really cute beaded necklace that are versatile. I would call any piece from Altar'd State a smart investment. I look forward to seeing more of Altar'd State's fall and winter merchandise.

This blouse was the first item that I tried on. I really like the front ruffle detailing and peep-shoulder details as well. I am a huge fan of standing out and this top will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. It is a little different for me, but I wanted to show you all variety.

I was really impressed with the structure of this blouse. I could tell that it was of a higher quality than your average blouse. So of course this would be a great staple piece. It would be the ultimate staple blouse in a color like black or white. This blouse is versatile as well. You could wear it to class, church, or a formal banquet.

I love love love love this dress! The fit was perfect and the print is so cute! Ladies, if you are looking for a black and white print dress this is perfect!

This dress was my absolute favorite! Coral is my favorite color lately and stripes are my favorite fabric so it was love at first site when I saw this dress. I loved the fit. The material had a lot of stretch so I felt comfortable and pulled together. This dress is perfect for a date, wedding, or social ladies!

I thought that this dress was gorgeous and it would be perfect for a more formal event or church service. The cut was a little above the knee and the neon print was vibrant. This dress is definitely a show stopper!

Overall I give Altar'd State in the Columbia Mall a 10/10 review! The service was great, the merchandise was fabulous, and the prices were perfect for staple item purchases on a college budget. I will be back to 

Altar'd State  to shop! When you are in the Columbia Mall shopping make sure to strut inside of Altar'd State

 to shop and tell them that Jas from sent you!

Much Love,