Spring Wish List: College Girls

Spring is almost here! I have never been so excited for blooming flowers, rainy days, and pastels in my life. I'm so over the snow and freezing rain. I love the Midwest, but this winter definitely showed me that I need to move somewhere warmer! This is list is just a few things that I plan to buy myself within the next 3 months.
1. Yellow Converse: I've been dying to get a new pair since I bought my white high tops this fall. I want yellow, red, and pink eventually but I wanted to start off with something bright and fun, so yellow it is! I can't wait to style them with some distressed skinnies.
2. New gold watch: I lost my lucky gold watch and I've been dying to get my hands on a new one. This is going to be my graduation present to myself!
3. Metallic oxfords and sandals: Enough said!
4. Pale pink lipstick: I can't help but to be drawn to soft colors. I had a pale pink lipstick that I adored, but I can't seem to find it so I am looking to replace it. Any suggestions???
5. New phone case: You get it!
6. White oxford blouse: I am building my wardrobe and focus on creating a "look" for myself, so this will be one of my staples once I find one that I love.
7. New shades: A girl can never have enough shades!
8. Lace bras: This is a new one for me and since I'm a 32DDD this should be fun! I want to style a look with a see through blouse and lace bra. It will be totally tasteful and fun, yet edgy and sexy. Can't wait!
9. Hats: I need more and I gotta have them asap. LOL I love my snapback and fedora hat, so why not add to the collection?
10. New bag: I'm not a bag girl, but I'm long over due for a new purse. I saw a cute bag at H&M and loved Drea's new bag from this post.
11. Chambray blouse: I need more shades of chambray in my closet! What about you?
12. Umbrella: I have one, but I want something a tad brighter, ya know?What's on your Spring Wish List? How are you keeping up with my 23 Before 2-3 List?Ps. I really enjoyed creating this collage. It reminded me of my Thee Fashion Stories days where this was all I did. Thank God for progress. If you ever get to feeling complacent just take a look back and see how far you've come. Peace and love!