So This is My Day Job


I co-host MU Tiger Trends with my amazing best friend, Emily. We both style the looks for each episode and come up with creative content to serve Mizzou students. Our videographer Dustin is super talented and easy to work with. My advice to you is to find a job that makes you smile and pray for co-workers that you can build lasting friendships with. You will work more than you see your loved ones, so it's a great idea to get to know your co-workers outside of work.In the above video I was natural. I was super self conscious then, but looking at myself now I didn't look too bad. I do plan to go natural again one day, not sure when quite yet. I am getting bored with my short, black hair so I'm thinking of dyeing it soon. What's new with you?

You can expect more videos from me this week. I'm editing as soon as I finish my global sourcing exam on Tuesday. Peace and love!

PS. Did you check out my post about natural hair? Read it here and leave your comments, Is It Really Just Hair?