Single Ladies Guide: Surviving Valentine's Day

It's almost that time again. My favorite holiday, Valentine's Day, is quickly approaching. For the very first time, ever, I am wining and ding myself. This post is all about empowering us single ladies, so if you came here for a pity party please exit. Just kidding, sit down and take notes because things are about to get juicy!
If you're reading this then you probably fit into one of three categories:
1. Single and sad about it (Keep your head up sunshine!)
2. Happily single, but you're looking for things to do because all of your friends will be with their mates. (Me, me, me, me)
3. Nosey, you're in a relationship, but couldn't help but to inquire about single woman are doing. There is no shame in that!
Okay now that we've got that out of the way, what the heck are we going to do during this teddy bear, red rose petals, chocolate candies, and jewelry giving filled Valentine's Day weekend approaching? We are going to pamper our damn selves! Yep, we are going to spend time and coins on making ourselves feel like the queens that we are. It was until this past summer that I learned this valuable lesson, "No one is going to spoil you better than you spoil yourself."
Here is the list of how I plan to pamper myself:
1. Spa pedi date with my best friend
2. New tube of Ruby Woo by MAC Cosmetics (My absolute favorite shade of lipstick and the only red lipstick that I wear. See more photos here.)
3. One meal of my choice filled with sugars, carbs, and grease (I haven't decided if I want to cook or go out to eat yet, suggestions?)
Sounds fun, right? You should do the same. Below are my my suggestions for you!
The Single Woman Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day:
1. Treat yourself to a spa service
2. Purchasing 1 item that you have been itching to own
3. Breaking your diet for 1 meal.
Bonus: Turn on twerk music and dance for a party of one.
Stay away from all social networks if you can't deal with seeing everyone's gifts. Honestly, I would not to say this, but "Don't be salty." You won't be single forever. Life goes on and you will survive this breakup, divorce, death, etc. Choose to treat yourself this Valentine's Day! Peace and love!