Shoe Shopping Tips

Shoe Shopping Tips
Shoe shopping tips from

Here are a few tips that I have learned while shoe shopping on a budget:
1. Buy a 1/2 size or full size up.
Fill in the extra space by adding insoles. Invest in insoles if you aren't going to invest in your shoes.
2. Comfort shoes are your friend.
Try to find a pair of "old lady" shoes that you can spice up with your clothes. Standing all day is no fun, but it can really suck if your posture is off because your shoes are cheap you will be in BIG trouble down the road.
3. Rotate a pair of sneakers into your wardrobe.
If you don't like to wear sneakers then grab a pair of converse of slip on shoes. You need to wear a pair of shoes with a thick, strong sole a few times a week. You can get away with cheap shoes once or twice a week, but not everyday.
 Tip: Never wear the same pair of shoes more than 2 days in a row. Give your feet time to breath and flex those toes!
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