She Grinds from Monday to Sunday

She Grinds from Monday to Sunday with NyQuil and Jasmine Diane.

Recently, I was asked to participate in the #NoSickDaysSweepstakes Campaign, sponsored by Vicks. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

"She grinds from Monday to Friday then from Friday to Sunday." When you work full-time, blog 24/7 and are active in ministry you can't afford a sick day. I jump out of the bed and straight into the books or online everyday. My calendar is always booked with work, church, content writing, photo shoots, fashion shows and family time.

Girl, the grind don't stop. Today I wanted to talk about one of my most recent unmissable moment… photo shoot day! I shoot content for my blog 1 to 2 times per month depending on if I have a photographer, when I receive new products and if I like my hair, so yeah photo shoot day is important. The weather in Kansas City has been quite psycho. One minute it is freezing and the next it’s so humid that I’m wearing sandals in the middle of November. Not to mention the rain drizzles and wind that likes to slap you in the face from time to time.

She Grinds from Monday to Sunday with NyQuil and Jasmine Diane.

With all of the weather changes it is essential to stay bundled up and ahead of any cold AKA wear a scarf and take medicine before a full blown cold takes over. Sometimes it’s too little too late so you’re forced to work through cold symptons, but not if you treat yourself with NyQuil or Dayquil. I like to think of this dynamic duo as my secret weapons. They help me fight off runny noses, fever and all of the other icky stuff that comes from the weather changing.

She Grinds from Monday to Sunday with NyQuil and Jasmine Diane.

What about you? What holiday moments are unmissable for you? What vacation plans do you have coming up? Share your unmissable moment pics to @NyQuilDayQuil #NoSickDaysSweepstakes on Twitter and Instagram to win a digital camera

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