Ruby Jean's Juicery Owner, Chris Goode

Ruby Jean's Juicery Owner, Chris Goode
Chris Goode of Ruby Jeans' Juicery

Chris Goode of Ruby Jeans' Juicery

A few weeks ago I sat down with Chris Goode to get some insight into Ruby Jean's Juicery and ask advice about entrepreneurship. It isn't easy to just start your own business, but he is doing it. I am inspired by his story and know that you will be too. Keep scrolling to read my exclusive interview + come to the grand opening of Ruby Jean's Juicery this Saturday at 1pm. Check out their website for more details.

What inspired you to start Ruby Jean’s Juicery?

I was inspired by the life of my grandmother, Ruby Jean, to create Ruby Jean’s Juicery. She lost her life due to poor health, which could have been prevented with proper eating. My grandmother was the rock of our family. We did everything at her house, so I wanted to create a space for families to come enjoy each other and healthy eating options. I developed a love for juicing about four years ago and here we are now.

Why did you move back to Kansas City after living in LA?

Opportunity. I would love to have a juicer back in LA eventually, but Kansas City is home. The city is developing rapidly and I saw the opportunity to bring something new to the city.

What is juicing? Benefits?

Juicing is taking fruits and vegetables in raw form and putting them through a process, which extracts meaningless things and makes nutritious juice. The health benefits vary based on ingredients, but some of the most common benefits of juicing are detoxing and clear skin.



What inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship?

I grew up behind an entrepreneur, my dad. I also studied business in college, emphasizing in entrepreneurship. I am almost done with my MBA.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Talk to people who have been there and never let anyone derail you from your goals. If you want to do it, then try it.

Does Ruby Jean’s Juicery have any unique features?

  • Mural by a local artist
  • Courtyard
  • Free to use iPads

Thank you for such an inspiring and informative interview Chris Goode. We can’t wait to try some of your juices at your grand opening event this Saturday! Learn more about Ruby Jean's Juicery on their website here.