Shelby Christie

Shelby Ivey Christie is a bombshell journalist full of business knowledge, positivity, and did I mention that her makeup is always on fleek. She hails from Charlotte, NC. Shelby studied at North Carolina A&T State University. Just a little fun fact, Shelby became a college drop out & a published journalist in the same year. You never know where life will take you, but with hard work, faith, and persistence you can do anything! Keep reading to learn more about Shelby Christie's Road to Graduation.

Hometown: Charlotte, NC College/ University; North Carolina A&T State University Fun fact: I became a college drop out & a published journalist in the same year Fav color: Black Random fact: I was 1lb & 11oz when I was born. I was included a study of Premature babies at Columbia University.

Describe the moment when your career path and purpose merged? Did your college experience have anything to do with this moment?

My career path and purpose just merged. I am in the process of launching my site & YouTube in February and that's really how it's coming full circle for me. will be a place for millennials to come and get info and inspiration about career and life. It'll also be an online space for people to book career and branding consultations.

Bombshells in Business was my first step towards that, then starting my consulting business was the second. This online space is where it will come full circle.

Where do you see yourself five years from your graduation date?

I see myself employed as a News Editor at a major broadcasting company. I see my Youtube channel and my website being a major online destination for millennials seeking inspiration and info about career-readiness and life. I also see myself married to my current boyfriend. I also see a walk-in closet full of shoes...but that may be a stretch.

What organizations have you been a part of throughout college? Did you take on any leadership roles? How have these organizations and/ or roles shaped you?

I founded my own student organization, Bombshells in Business, on the campus of NC A&T SU in 2013, after I returned to college and noticed the lack of engaging and interesting career-readiness. We are the largest organization on our campus with a membership of 217. Yes, I did take on other leadership roles on my campus. I was the Arts & Entertainment Editor for my school's paper. I also curated and executive produced a campus TV show called The Chat, that delivered black news and issues in a fresh and fun way. My heavy involvement in my own organization has definitely helped learn how to work with different types of personalities, stay organized and communicate effectively. Keeping 200+ women on one accord is quite a task #BeingMothaB. Working on my show and the paper definitely helped my formal writing skills and got me acquainted with the technical skills required to be a journalist. I was kinda a self taught journalist being that I dropped out of school after my freshman year, so being involved in the campus news room and TV studio definitely sharpened my skills.

What internship opportunities or job shadowing have you done to prepare you for life after college?

I've worked for many publications. I've contributed career content geared towards millennials to Black Enterprise. I've done a News & Politics internship with Global Grind. I've hosted segments for my local news affiliate WCCB. I've interned for Conde' Nast at W Magazine and went onto be published by W Magazine as well. I worked for a local publication called Charlotte Style Magazine as a Style Contributor and covered Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NY while there.College is about much more than passing classes. What are some of your favorite things about being a college student? -I like the sense of community and creative on my HBCU campus. I like being able to have a built in network of creatives within a 5-mile radius. I also love the caf! Going to the caf on Fried chicken Friday is an EVENT for us Aggies lol.

Describe your ideal study space? Any playlists, snacks, or decor that you can't do without?

My ideal study space is a nook in the back of the library, with a grande English Breakfast Tea from Starbucks, my laptop, my Foxy Brown playlist #BanjeeBombshell & my planner. I'm a very visual person so I have to write things don and see it. So list are really vital to my study space.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I plan to be fully employed at a major broadcasting company in the print, digital or broadcast news area. I plan on expanding bombshells in business into the working world via adult chapters. I also want to expand the student chapter to more universities. I'm looking to relocate to Atlanta but I'm open to relocating to NYC, Texas and California as well. I just plan on being a Beat, snatched, employed and WERKING!

How do you express yourself through your dress from day to day?

My style has always consisted of a little quirk. Back when I was a fashion gal (when I interned with W Magazine) I used to be really into trends and keeping up with the style wave. Now that I've grown my style is minimal with a bit of quirk. I love neutrals with a pop of color. I love a crazy, unexpected accessory paired with a classic look. Boyfriend jeans are my best friend and I consider myself a tee-shirt connoisseur. My classic meets quirk works for me. I keep it classy with vintage red nails and matte red lip but i mix things up with prints, patterns and neons.

 Do you intend for your style to change or evolve once you graduate from college?

I don't intend for it to change too much but I'm sure going from campus to office, my style will evolve. I'm hoping my high-school awkwardness will finally wear off & I'll find some sexy to match my grown.

Wisdom comes from experience and sometimes we must take the road less traveled. It is our duty to inspire and empower future generations.

Any words of wisdom for Jasmine Diane readers? 

My advice to your readers is: "No doesn't mean never, it means not right now" so many people are discouraged by failures or the no's they get in life, when really that's when we are forced to grow. I challenge your readers to face their failures head on and ask "what should I be learning from this?" instead of being discouraged.

Do you have goals that you would like to reach before you walk across the stage?

I definitely want to be employed before I walk across the stage in May. I'm trying to pump right into my future on May 9th, LITERALLY.

When did you find your voice as a woman? I found it a while middle school when I began to journal. I was an introvert and wasn't cool or popular at all so my best friend was my journal. That's when i really found my voice. Journaling everyday allowed me to say, well express anything I wanted. When I came back to college in 2012 I just got the gusto to express myself out loud.

I found my purpose in college, encouraging others via my blogs.

How can aspiring college students contact you? // Social media: @bronze_bombSHEL

Shelby, Thank you so much for contributing to the Road to Graduation series. I wish you a ton more future success and blessings with your career, love life, and beyond. You are truly a gem and you have inspired me just by being who you are, queen!