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Road to Graduation (Brittney Winbush) by
Road to Graduation (Brittney Winbush) by

Britney Winbush is a gorgeous, fashion loving blogger on the Road to Graduating from the University of Georgia. She is originally from Atlanta, GA. This beauty is ambitious and successful. She survived a house fire and she's been on 3 televisions shows! Brittney loves the color teal and all things fashion. Keep scrolling to learn more about Brittney Winbush and her Road to Graduation!

When did you find your voice as a woman?

B: I’m still finding, I’m still growing, and I’m still learning. I’m slowly but surely finding my voice and finding what feels true to and what doesn’t. I think this I a never ending process, I’ll always be finding my voice because I plan to be always be growing.

What organizations have you been a part of throughout college? Did you take on any leadership roles? How have these organizations and/ or roles shaped you?

B: Two organizations that have really shaped my college career are the Student Merchandising Association where I held the role of Vice President and also the Little Red Book, a student ran fashion magazine where I held the role of PR Chair. Both of these organizations help my love for fashion to flourish. Having a leadership position in these organization gave me leadership skills that I believe not only equipped me with skills that will beneficial post graduation but also skills that helped me become a better college student. I was constantly faced with challenges and my passion for what I was doing made it easier to conquer each task I faced.

I found my purpose in college, encouraging others via my blogs. Describe the moment when your career path and purpose merged? Did your college experience have anything to do with this moment?

B: My “aha moment” happened when I was studying and working in London. My biggest fear was becoming homesick and surprisingly that didn’t happen. I think this is because I was finally doing something I loved. I was eager to get up in the morning and get my work started for my job. I was working but I loved what I was going and I kind of felt like this is what life is about. Doing what you love and loving what you do. Reaching that point is a great moment. I’m glad I’ve experienced that, now I have a specific goal

What internship opportunities or job shadowing have you done to prepare you for life after college?

B: This past summer I interned in London for a styling company called Style Doctors, while there I worked as their online style editor. I learned so much from this internship, value lessons that I know will equip be for life after college. My internship required a great deal of independence. My boss would give me a task and then I would be left to go accomplish it in this new city. It was exciting, it was challenging, and it was a learning experience I will never forget.

Street style is super inspiring to us. How do you express yourself through your dress from day to day?

B: My dad who is also into fashion always tells me to dress the part. So in my head I’m a striving woman in the fashion industry making big moves in a big city so I always try to dress how I imagine I would if I were already there. When I dress in this manner I feel more motivated, I feel inspired and it makes me remember what I’m working towards.

Do you intend for your style to change or evolve once you graduate from college?

B: When I hear this question I automatically think of Kanye, “Ahhhhh ah ah ahhhhh, wait till I get my money right!” lol I expect that as I get established into a career and starting earning a salary my style will definitely evolve and improve. I see things all the time and I’m just like “in due time girl.”

Wisdom comes from experience and sometimes we must take the road less traveled. It is our duty to inspire and empower future generations. Any words of wisdom for Jasmine Diane readers?

B: What God has for you it is for you. It’s written, it’s done. Nothing or no one can take that away from you. So keep your head up, keep working hard, help others, if your time hasn’t come yet, trust and believe that it’s coming…. Don’t miss it worrying or stressing about the wrong things.

How can aspiring college students contact you?

B: The best way to contact me is my email or the contact page on my website.

Thank you for your time Brittney Winbush!