Rikki Byrd


Rikki Byrd is a writer, who lives digitally, making herself a bed wherever the World Wide Web is serving good media. As an influencer and artist, she has crafted herself into a force to be reckoned with. She’s the editor-in-chief of SCULPT Magazine, graduate of the No. 1 School of Journalism, the University of Missouri. She freelances for ALIVE Magazine, has interned with College Fashionista, College Gloss, the Regional Arts Commission and Inside Columbia Magazine and has written for the Columbia Missourian. She’s a jane of all trades to say the least: 9-5 employee by day, poet and photographer on occasion, blogger and fashion connoisseur by habit, journalist for life. Aside from basking in her 20s, Rikki has devastating dreams to change the world with her pen. She hopes that one day, you’ll know her name.


Who is Rikki Byrd and what does she stand for?

Rikki is a writer, lover and creator. She stands for peace + art.

What inspired you to start writing and later sharing your poetry?

My 7th grade teacher, Dr. Shirley LeFlore, inspired me to start writing. I fell in love with words during that time, and they haven’t broken my heart yet. My first poem was about my first pair of AF1s, when Nelly came out with the song. I recited it in front of my class, and that was the first time I noticed that people actually listened when I spoke.

What is Sculpt magazine? What gave you the courage to start Sculpt magazine?

SCULPT is a magazine for artists by artists, compiling some of the world’s most unnoticed talents into a museum on paper. We value the process in creating, offering content on music, theater, webseries, photography and more. We enhance the appreciation of the work produced by emerging artists by creating a community of sharing, growing and creating.

I launched SCULPT in 2010, when I was a sophomore at Mizzou. I had a lot of friends, who were trying to get into music, fashion and photography, but no one was giving them a chance. Because I felt the same about things that I created, I came up with SCULPT, which would allow a compilation of artists to come together and essentially promote each other. We launched the sixth issue in January.

How would you describe your style evolution from child to woman?

As a child, my mom dressed me in Gap and Old Navy from head-to-toe. I still shop at Gap frequently because their jeans are awesome and they carry in regular, short and long, which is appealing to my 5’1 stature. My mom always kept me in bright colors and prints, but now I’m a little less complicated. I enjoy wearing solid colors, and am a firmer believer that a simple black dress can take you a long way.

Describe your fashion story.

Let’s see, I’m most likely at an indie coffee shop typing away on my Mac. I’m wearing a stripe, boat neck long sleeve tee, a tennis skirt and a pair of colorful New Balance sneakers or my all-white Converse.

What words of wisdom do you have for artists afraid to share their work, rather it be poetry, styling, writing, etc.?

Start somewhere. I think creators sometimes get lost in the idea and forget the beauty in creating. Once you start, you can’t say you never tried. Give yourself a chance.

How can readers contact you?

Readers can contact me at @RikkiByrd onTwitter and IG, www.rikkiybyrd.wordpress.com

Check out SCULPT at www.sculptmag.wordpress.com or @SculptMag on Twitter, IG and Facebook!

Isn't she amazing fashion lovers? I remember seeing Rikki Byrd strut across Mizzou's campus in her heels & with her big smile. I've always admired her style & the way that she carries herself. Rikki is talented to say the least and I am looking forward to watching her career expand. Her love for art and passion for life will take her far! Make sure you connect with her via social media and check out SCULPT Magazine!

Much Love,