Relationships 101: Prettiest Girl in the World

I've learned to stick with people who adore you. Life is so much better that way. There is less stress and more laughter when you are surrounded by people who only want the best best you. Settling is selling yourself short honestly. Don't just stick around because it's been this long or that long, history is just that HISTORY. But the world is always changing and people are too. There is no reason to stay where you are not wanted. I've made the mistake of loving someone more than I love myself and giving them more than they deserved, but now I know better. When someone really loves you, I mean really loves you... they will make you feel special 24/7. They won't place your imperfections under a microscope and they won't treat you less than AMAZING. When you are with the right one, you'll just know and things will work. I mean really work. You won't have to "force" them to love you, spend time with you, etc. because they will desire to anyways. Btw you can't make anyone love you or spend time with you. Don't think that sex or "the past" will keep someone with you. Once someone decides that they want someone or something else, there's nothing you can do. So embrace your loved ones and wait for the right one. Love feels good and it's exciting. It feels like everyday is Christmas and you keep reading the text messages that you've shared with that special someone. The smallest things remind you of them and you're always anxious to share new things with them. You're probably thinking of that special someone right now. Ha. More relationship & dating advice will be coming. What did you think of this?

Much Love, Jas

Ps. Be with someone who makes you feel like the prettiest girl in the world. (It's an amazing feeling.)


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