Real Blogger Beauty

A few days ago I ran across a post on Charmingly Styled titled #RealBloggerBeauty and just knew that I had to join the campaign. Real blogger beauty is all about breaking barriers and being honest about flaws. As bloggers we tend to project a somewhat perfect life. The media is full of people doing the same thing, but today I am going to share a little bit of my story because #realbloggerbeauty is important.

I have struggled with finding the perfect weight and size since I was in middle school. Back then I was too tall and skinny, then in high school I wasn't thick enough aka no breasts or booty, now in college I can't keep enough weight off. The battle with the scale sucks and recently my breasts have grown so much that I can't buy cute, cheap bras anymore so there goes another struggle of mine.
I've always wanted to have the perfect figure, you know the hour glass-figure. I wanted a thinner nose, less thighs etc. But the thing that I have come to realize is that I am beautiful. If I don't lose another 10 pounds, but I do intend to, I am still gorgeous. The beauty that I have is more than skin deep. You are beautiful too!
Practically, I try to eat healthier and stop watching so much TV. Even celebrities are regular people whom struggle with insecurities. Stop comparing yourself to these made up images. I promise that you will fall short every time. Just be yourself and embrace your flaws.
If no one told you that you are beautiful and the scale doesn't define you, then here you go gorgeous! We have to continue to support and uplift one another ladies.
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