Post Grad Life: 20 Months

Post Grad Life: 20 Months
What to Expect 20 months after college graduation

Happy New Year, sis. 2016 came and went like a rushing wind. I enjoyed my first year without schooling like no other. Working isn't exactly easy, but in a lot of ways it beats studying for exams and writing research papers. 2016 taught me to fight for what I love and that maybe sometimes I don't really need what I "think I need." Have you ever been in a new mental space where God has completely changed the way you view certain things or addictions? I'm there now. 2016 was the year for me to really grow into my own as a woman. 20 months and some change after graduating from Mizzou I finally feel like I caught my stride.

Life has a weird way of coming full-circle. Although I've been a Christian for all of my life, serving at City of Truth Church has made a huge impact on who I am and aspire to be. Since my last post, I've been baptized and really stepping into leadership with our marketing team. In the beginning I did not feel worthy to serve at church with my rachet past & present, but time has graced me to understand that every piece of my story has purpose. I'm sharing all of this to say that your entire story has purpose, too. Keep scrolling to read all of the tea on my life 20 months after graduating from Mizzou. 


I will knock out my private loan by March. I was planning to get it done with holiday money, but that didn't quite happen. I've made the decision to focus on my 1 private loan then tackle my federal loans as a big beast vigorously. The devil that is my last credit card balance is going down slowly but surely. Once it's paid off, I'm done with credit cards. You have to be smart enough not to shop if you are going to operate a credit card. I've learned that my shopping habits don't agree with credit limits or balances. From here on out, it's debit and cash on mine. If I can't afford it then I'll save for it. You have to get real with yourself about debts if you're ever going to be free.


Ya girl is still working as a social media manager for one of the biggest fast food chains in the country. God is so good. Agency life has it's share of ups and downs, but I can truly say that this was the perfect 1st job for me. I'm learning to find solutions and not to make excuses. Working in advertising has more perks than I can name, but my favorite so far has been holiday break. My office was closed from Christmas Eve until January 2nd, but we still got paid. How crazy is that? Corporate America ain't so bad after all, sis. Don't let the internet scam you into believing that having a full-time job is some type of punishment. Make your coins and enjoy your paid time off.


I spend sooooo much time at church and working on church stuff these days. But I've vowed to try a few new things and venture out to a few networking events. I really want to find some young Black professionals to mingle with. There is nothing like being around people who just get it. This is the year that I step even further from my comfort zone and see the world. I'm forcing myself outside of my box. Are you with me?

There you have it, my life 20 Month after graduating from college in a nutshell. I'm so proud of all that God has graced me to accomplish. I'm really excited about going harder in 2017 and crushing a lot of my goals, both big and small. Don't forget to follow me on instagram @thejasminediane!