Post Grad Life: 12 Months

Post Grad Life: 12 Months
What My Life is Like 1 Year After College Graduation by jasmine cooper of (blogger)

I love May for many reasons, but the main one is seeing so much happiness across from timeline from college graduates, especially first-generation graduates. I know the college struggle and what it feels like to carry the weight of your entire family on your back. I also know the pure joy of seeing your parents swell with pride. Let's not forget the crazy nights we all spent partying, eating junk food, planning our futures and skipping classes to study for other classes. College was an amazing time in my life and I hope that every young person of color finds it in their hearts to go off to college. Even if it's just for a year and you find out that it's not for you... try it. Keep scrolling to read what my life is like 1 year after college graduation.

What's New
My hair is long enough to put in a puff these days. #MamaWeMadeIt It has been 10 months since I big chopped and I haven't looked back since. I'm in love with being natural. I am still working full-time at the ad agency although on most days it doesn't feel like work. Learn how to slay day one at an ad agency here. I don't think that I've ever been this happy before. Lately, I've grown pretty fond of someone. Considering that I haven't dated anyone special since college, I'm pretty happy to say that I'm opening my heart back up because I was determined to never do that again. I'll spare you the long story though. #IAintSorry 

Ad agency ✔️

I am blessed to stay with my grandpa. I recently painted my room and am in the process of buying new decor. If you follow me on snapchat, which you should @thejasminediane, then you saw my crazy paint process and how I spilled paint in my hair. I am working on painting tips for other first-timers as well! Stay tuned!

I paid off 2 of my credit cards and only have 1 huge balance left. Oh yeah, I also made a student loan payment. I will share a mock-breakdown as I get into the groove of making payments and do some trial and error. My main goals with my debt are to pay off my credit card balance and to start taking down my student loan debt in large chunks. I want them paid off by 2018!! Tip: Celebrate small gains with your financial goals! #YouCanDoIt

Ya girl has been spending a lot of time at restaurants and sleeping, but I'm back and I'm better. Check out how I rocked my new favorite blouse here. I am finding beauty in the small things and learning to appreciate all of my quirks. Taking time away was honestly the best thing for me, although my influence may have taken a hit I needed to rediscover who I was and who I want to be. I have never been this happy, read more here!

Last Month's Goals:

  1. Pay down personal credit card balance to $500 (paid off) ✔️
  2. Start passive income
  3. Finish reading every book I started 

This Month's Goals:

  1. Start passive income
  2. Finish The Wait
  3. Lose 10 pounds

That's a wrap! Next month, I will have more real-time updates for you. 2016 is almost halfway over. What have you accomplished? Where are you on your new year resolutions? Have you accomplished anything noteworthy? It's time to get to it!

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