Overcoming Self Doubt

Overcoming Self Doubt

I intended to come up with an amazing post and maybe this is it, but maybe it's not. I have a ton of things on my plate, much like you. I get overwhelmed sometimes and question God's plan for my life. I sometimes feel as though life is playing tricks on me. I get caught up in the pressure of how to look, feel, walk, and talk a certain way to meet the standards of those around me. Can you relate? Everyone can, why is that? Why is it because we want perfection in every area of our lives? Is it the media or our own upbringings that makes us feel that way? Comparison is the problem. Comparison robs the heart of contentment.

How do we get over the comparisons and truly love where we are in life? We try new things, meet new people, and follow God. For me the latter has been the hardest at this time. It is as if the only thing I see is my mistakes and sins. New things have opened up my mind and caused me to look at the people and things that I lov(ed) in different ways. In some ways I am proud of my growth and fearlessness, but in essence I feel like I lost a piece of who I once was and that can be tough for people to understand. I barely get it myself. Have you ever gone through a season like this in your life?

Have you ever just go fed up with the old you and wanted to change? How did your peers react? What did they say when you started saying no to partying, drinking, sex, etc? When you start making changes in your life it is important to stay near God and keep an open mind. Magical things will happen once you push past your comfort zone and get out of that easy going space.

Life is constantly changing, so it is great to evolve and change as well. Although it can be tough and scary, you have to put on your big girl lace panties & get rid of those white cotton high cut briefs. It is time for you and myself as well to embrace who we are. 

I am still feeling very twenty-two and it is a great, fearless feeling. What is stopping you from starting your own business? Why don't you throw caution to the wind and enroll in school for next semester? Where there is a will there is a way my darling. You can do this thing and you will once you let your past go and move on.

Maybe I will succeed as a blogger and maybe I won't ever make a living from these words, but I know that God called me to write, to inspire, and to encourage the souls of women. Through my pain, triumphs and failures, I will always deliver to you the most honest girl talk around. God is love and he is the reason we are still here. Make him proud! 

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