The Perfect Bag for Fall


I finally treated myself to a new bag because I was loooooong overdue for something different. I started my search in Aldo Shoes, then went to Forever21, and finally found this gem in H&M. If you're not into shopping around, then do some online research before venturing out to your local mall or shopping square. I started out with a $30 budget and ended up finding this for a little bit more than that. Make sure you keep an open mind while shopping and explore your options. Do not buy the first thing you like.

3 Reasons Why This is the Perfect Bag for Fall

1. Oversized: I'm a hoarder when it comes to my purse. I like to pretend that I'm still in school and carry around my laptop + camera everywhere I go. This bag is a mini duffle bag, perfect for travel. There is an open middle and two side panels that zip. I keep my important stuff in the zipped compartments and throw my makeup, keys, etc. in the middle portion. I can fit a throw inside the middle, which is another reason I love it. I plan to carry it as a carry on when I travel this fall.

I want to go somewhere to end my birthday bash, but I haven't picked a city yet. NYC was in my original plan, but it's not in my current budget. I'll talk finances next week. It's time to get out of debt! Okay, back to the bag!

The perfect plum leather bag from h&m for fall.
The perfect plum leather bag from h&m for fall.

2. Trendy Color: Enough said. I purchased this purse in Burgundy. That color is currently sold out online, so try your local H&M.


3. Inexpensive: This is a huge + super chic bag for $39.99. I paid about $43 at the end of the day. Less than $50 for an oversized, quality handbag is unheard of. Thank you H&M! I'm not big on handbags, but I am really please with this bag. I haven't noticed a lot of wear and tear in the last 2 weeks since I bought it. If anything changes. I will be sure to check back in.

That's all folks! Thanks for reading my site. I am super excited about what is to come! Check back tomorrow for another post. Don't forget to follow me on instagram @thejasminediane.

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