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I wanted to share a little bit more about myself with you guys. Thanks a lot for supporting my blog. I am so proud to say that has surpassed 30,000 page views. My goal is to reach 40,000 by November 22, 2013 because that is my blog's 1 year anniversary! Are there any things that you guys want to see more of? Just let me know! You can learn more about me, Jas, below!

Yesterday I had the privilege of working with one of my guy friends, Mr. Steven Jackson. He was the first ever male model and yesterday was my first time ever being the photographer & stylist on set! So of course, I was a little nervous at first but things went well! I have 2 girls to style today. I am building my styling portfolio because I am looking for a Fall 2014 internship and I want to go to


for spring break! I am starting a fund to raise $500 for my trip and you can support me



Photo Credit: Jasmine Cooper Model: Steven Jackson

I have been going out a lot lately since school just started. My classes are tough so I won't be going out again for a while. I will try my absolute best to post everyday. I love blogging so it will always be a priority of mine, after school. Although sometimes I want to quit school and move to NYC! Ha. I know that my degree will open up doors for me. I actually love college, just not the schoolwork. Lol in all honesty, college has made me a better woman. I love my major (textile & apparel management), my friends, my choir, my room, etc.

Okay until next time, be cute & laugh!

Much Love,


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