My First Time Flying

Floating above the clouds was a life-altering experience. I officially boarded my first flight this past Saturday after having to book a later flight because I slept through my alarm and lost my debit card. Oh the drama and confusion! LOL I'm s thankful for my amazing parents taking me back and forth to the airport, but that's a story for a different day so let's get back to my first flight.

Since it was my first flight, it was also my first time inside an airport. I observed everyone and everything for suspicious behavior because you just never know who is going to do something crazy. I decided to keep my face bare of makeup except for lipstick until we landed. Takeoff was something amazing. I had a window seat and was blown away at the scenery. I thought that I was afraid of heights, but nah. LOL. I can't wait to fly again.

I was blessed to be sitting next to other college students who had flown before. These two guys answered all of my questions and reassured me that everything would be okay! Talk about a gift from God. My ears popped like no other while we were landing. I chewed about 4 pieces of gum during takeoff and landing, yet I still I got off of that high airplane halfway deaf in my right ear.

I got through all of the nerves, ear popping, and fear finally flew for the first time. I wish that my flight home was just as eventful, but it wasn't. I felt like a pro getting on the airplane and making my way through the airport. Oh yeah, I flew Delta.

How was your first time flying? Which airlines do you fly with? Do you have any tips for flying success? Leave all of the good stuff in the comment box below!

Ps. I'll be posting more about my trip to Atlanta + More KC Fashion Week things all weekend long! Stay tuned!