Get Started with These Tips
My first time was a little bit of everything, from scary to utterly amazing. I felt so free and proud the first time that I shared my blog with the public! I know that you were probably thinking sexually, so sorry to disappoint you but now that I have your attention its time for me to explain myself and (hopefully) inspire YOU in the process! I know how scary it feels to share your craft with others. Millions of thoughts ran through my mind before sharing my blog, from fear of judgement to lack of knowledge about blogging, and tons of other things. I mean really, who was little ol' Jasmine from Raytown, Missouri anyway? I taught myself everything that I know about blogging and Blogger itself by doing hours of online research, trial and error, and good ol' Google!
I graduated from high school at the top of my class and went onto college without a huge list of life goals. Simply put, I just wanted to graduate and start a family. That was all that I wanted for myself... to graduate, get married, and make babies. It sounds silly now, but before I started my blog I didn't have any idea of how great I would be at it. What about you gorgeous? What do you want out of life for yourself?

Before my first blog post was ever shared or even thought of I was living in what some would call self-pity. I couldn't figure out why God was tugging on me. I was so flustered by my ever-changing mind and body. I mean I was barely 20 years old when I started blogging and a big-wreck! I wanted to do well with life, but I had no idea what God's plan was for me. I was stuck between who I was and where I should be. I had wasted so much time being at a stand still with life due to the culture shock of college and staying in an unhealthy relationship. Yep, little ol' Jas was a big mess before her first time going public with her blog, but God had bigger plans than she could have ever imagined. I mean really, who starts a blog thinking that it will make them into the person that they were always meant to be? I sure didn't. I just felt a burning inside of me that was pushing me to write.
What gives you that spark? When your eyes sparkle and your heart flutters, who and what are you thinking of? Sometime we make things too complicated. Do what you love and surround yourself with supportive people who like to see you win! #FriendCheck
Now back to my story...
I sat on the floor in my mother's apartment brainstorming what my niche would be. To no avail I kept coming up empty until I finally just did it. Here is my first post. Not quite what TheeFashionStories is now, right? Thank God! Ha you see my first time sharing my blog with the public wasn't perfect. I have blossomed since that first post. My point is that what you start as is not what you will become. Taking that first step involves a lot of courage, but oh baby is it worth it! I have become more confident through blogging and my faith in God has increased. I dare you to give yourself a shot and go for it!
The way I see it, with anything the first time is the most terrifying time ever. But when it comes to purpose there is no denying the high that you get from finally going for it. Don't sell yourself short baby girl! The dreams that are inside of you can only manifest if you take the first step. I get it, you're afraid! Who isn't? It is time to put on your big girl panties and go for it. When was the last time that you even did something for the first time anyway? Why are you living such a boring life? What happen to your ambition and courage? Where did the fearless princess go that used to dwell inside of you?
God gave us free will, so whether or not you choose to enjoy your days on this Earth is up to you! Go for it! Make your first time writing a book, sketching a clothing line, modeling, etc. happen like NOW! You never know who needs what only you have. Everyone has gifts and talents that add to the world. Stop being selfish with your gifts and talents! Your first time trying passion fruit, riding a horse, or jumping out of an airline may just inspire someone else to stop living in fear as well.
Be a leader and tell me more about your first time overcoming a fear. I want to hear from you no matter how big or small you think that your first time was. Thank you for your time. If you enjoyed this post and want to read more from me then please share this post and comment below!
Much Love,