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My 21st Birthday Weekend

Lifestylejasmine diane
My 21st Birthday Weekend
By Jasmine Cooper
I turned 21 years young this past Sunday (October 13) and it was awesome. I celebrated all weekend with my closest friends and family. I laughed so much and there was so much love in every hour of my birthday weekend. I am taking the time out to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone from the bottom of my heart. It truly means the world to me. I love you guys so much!
With all of that being said, I wanted to share a few photos/memories with TheeFashionStories readers. I  cannot describe how awesome this weekend was. God gave me the opportunity to let go of being "CEO of TheeFashionStories, LLC" and just be Jas. It felt really good to not worry about deadlines or staying connected to social media. It was like a mini vacation for me. I didn't realize how hard I worked until recently. Nonetheless, I hope that you all enjoy these photos and thanks again!
My best friend, Deanna, treated me to lunch and we went shopping after class on Friday!
More shopping with both of my roomies, Imani and Deanna.
Before we met up with my other friends!
My awesome friends Bruce and Amber!
Before we left for the night! 
Riding to my photo shoot with Sinead!
After the shoot ended with my friend/assistant Sinead!
My birthday dinner was awesome!!!!
Something amazing, hahahaha I love my birthday dress!
My oldest sister, youngest sister, and I at my birthday get together.
After dinner with my family! (Flat Branch)
Life is good!
My parents and I after dinner!
Thanks again guys!
Photo credit: Sinead Brink
I took hundreds of photos and recorded a lot of videos. I will always cherish this weekend. I encourage everyone to take some time out to and let their hair down, even if it is just for a few days. You have to appreciate who and what you have in life. Life is short and people do not last forever.
Much Love,