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Life 101: Am I Doing Too Much?

Lifestylejasmine diane
Life 101: Am I Doing Too Much?

I am BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.... and more BUSY. Today I started to think about the possibility of over working. Maybe I am doing too much, but how can I stop? I have no idea. I know that God will not give me more than I can bear and I know that God is my strength. He has given me so many wonderful opportunities and I want to take advantage of them all, but not at once. God has given us all free will and we have the power to say no. I want to enjoy my life as I work hard, not be a slave to commitments. I refuse to spend all of my money trying to "get there."

So for this reason, I am going to take a break from collaborations and shows for a while. I love blogging and want to continue doing it. I can't focus on blogging while doing so much other stuff. I have decided to build up my Etsy store and enjoy blogging for the rest of this year. I will continue to network, but I won't over do it. I don't want to live beyond my means or wear my body out. I am taking a pledge to myself to enjoy my life and stop doing too much. What about you?

Laughing with my sister Amber.

Are you always tired? Do you feel like there is never enough time in a day, everyday? Granted some days long hours and hard work are necessary, but not all of the time. Take some time out to laugh and dance and even fall in love. Enjoy the life that God has given you. Stop being so "busy" that you lose what is right in front of you. I am opening my heart up to new things and learning to love again. It's really great getting a fresh start.

Good times with my best friend.

You will only succeed with drive and a clear mind. It takes focus to do a great job. You can't focus if you never take the time to sit back and relax. So unfortunately, I will not be attending KC Fashion Week next week or the MADE Apparel Launch party or doing a styling job, but my peace of mind will be well worth it. What do you need to give up to breath easy? Who is keeping you from enjoying your weekends? Why can't you take time off to relax? When is the last time that you treated yourself?

This is just food for thought and random things that were on my mind. Can you relate?

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Much Love, Jas

Ps. Surrounding yourself with people who make you smile and laugh is good for your help. (SHOP)