KCFW Model, Arielle Nash

Night Two of KC Fashion Week was more relaxed for me. I was blown away by the diversity + craftsmanship of the various collections that came down the runway. I was equally as excited to see a new diverse face on the runway, Arielle Nash.

She's a beautiful girl with a fierce yet controlled strut. I had the pleasure of meeting up with her at Yogurtini on the Plaza to discuss her experience modeling for the first time and her future plans! Keep reading to learn more about my experience at KC Fashion Week and my exclusive interview with Arielle Nash!

J: What was your favorite part of KCFW?

A: The feeling of excitement after your hair and makeup is done and you finally get a chance to walk the runway. You get to do your 1 or 2 poses and start walking. Its really fun, not scary. Everyone watching you and it makes you feel amazing!

J: How long have you been modeling? 

A: KC Fashion Week was my first time walking the runway and I loved it. I've always love America's Next Top Model. I would love to be America's Next Top Model in the future!

J: Do you want to model again? Who are your favorite designers?

A: Yes, I can't wait to model again! I want to move on to designers. During KC Fashion Week I walked for stores; Dillard's, Bohme, and Windsors. Natalia Myers is one of my favorite designers! I love that everything she creates has a wow factor!Where do you see your modeling career?If my career blows up then I'd like to pursue it but if it doesn't I'll go to college to study art, fashion, and business. I would love to study overseas.

J: Describe your style.

A: Grunge and alternative. I like a lot of dark colors. I stick to high waist denim with cropped tops, thigh high socks, platforms, and skirts. I love American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and Brandy Melville.What do you want people to know about you? I'm a really mature kid and I'd like to focus on my career. I know what I want out of life!

Thank you for an amazing interview, Ms. Arielle Nash.