KC Fashion Week 2016 F/W

KC Fashion Week

KC Fashion Week was an absolute blast. I always enjoy talking with my fashion industry friends, previewing new collections and taking glamorous pictures. This season was one of my favorites because I finally had the chance to enjoy each event feeling comfortable in my skin. I went into this season with a confidence that I've never had before.

KC Fashion Week

I didn't think about what anyone else would be wearing, if anyone would notice my weight gain or any other silly things that tried to take over my experience. This year, I just lived in the moment and had a wonderful time with the beautiful people around me. Each season, I question applying for media or sitting out as my blog content changes from a singular fashion focus to more of a lifestyle feel, but there is something magical about KC Fashion Week that I can't get enough of. 

This season I attended the Kick-off Party and runway shows both Friday and Saturday night. I threw playing it safe out of the window and threw on my favorite little black dress on Wednesday at the cocktail party. I spent that night laughing, talking and sipping with my fashionable friends, both young and new. I'm always inspired at the style of KC Fashion Week attendees. Owning one's style has always been such a big thing to me. I can't get enough of it. 

KC Fashion Week
KC Fashion Week
Kc Fashion Week

The runways shows were full of both local and regional designers with a variety of style aesthetics. I'm always anxious to see what the KC Fashion Week team chooses in terms of designers. I look forward to seeing more diversity at the KC Fashion Week shows in the future, meaning more designers and models of color. There is a huge opportunity for diversity to grow within the fashion industry as a whole.

Overall, I had an amazing time at the shows with my friends and fashion industry colleagues. Creative expression in any form tends to stir up a special side of me. One day I'd like to see my designs on a runway. I don't plan to be behind a computer screen forever. KC Fashion Week gives guys and girls alike a runway to showcase their fashion sense, rather that's as a blogger, designer, model or volunteer. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to come to the shows and sit front row enjoying the view and other perks.

I can honestly say that I'm living the best days of my life and KC Fashion Week always puts a smile on my face! To see more runway images check out my Facebook page here.

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