Natural hair, is it just hair?

Natural hair, is it just hair?

Is it really just hair? Going natural is a big deal within the Black community. Why? If it is just why does it matter if your process it or keep the natural texture that God gave you? Everyday I witness black women on campus rocking fros, braids, twists, relaxers, weave, etc. It is both beautiful and saddening sometimes. My sadness comes from realizing that I identify more with straight relaxed hair than my kinks. I am saddened because so many other women of color fail to embrace their natural hair. It is just hair though, right?


My hair journey has been a somewhat basic one. I started getting relaxers before I could read. I have 4 sisters, so relaxing our hair was easier for my mother to manage. I have kept my hair relaxed up until this past May. I have decided to try to embrace my natural hair, but I am afraid that I won't like it and that I won't be accepted. Yes, I am afraid of going natural. I am embarrassed of my fear. I don't have a catchy phrase or slogan. When it comes to my hair I am not as fearless as I am with my career. Why is that? What is it that makes some Black women feel that they have to have straight hair or long hair or weave to feel beautiful? Why do I feel this way?

I could blame the media or society. I could blame my mother for relaxing my hair. I could say that my self-esteem is low, but what I have found is that personal preference prevails. Rather you are Black, Hispanic, Asian, or White you have a picture of what it means to be beautiful in your mind that involves hair, nails, makeup, clothes, etc. In essence your mind is made up, so I believe that you should go with your gut when it comes to hair and life in general.

It is not just hair. Hair is fashion as much is clothes are, so think twice before you judge someone for their different idea of ideal beauty. God gave all humans free will and with that we can choose to relax, color, trim, and or straighten our hair. In the bible the hair of a woman was her glory, so ladies embrace what you have. If you don't like what you have then change it, it's just that simple. Do not let society or your boyfriend dictate your hair because it's not just hair. Hair is EVERYTHING!


  1. Do you ever struggle with loving your hair?
  2. Are you natural or relaxed? Was it a hassle going natural?

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