Jasmine Diane

Join Me For #OohLaLaOctober

Jasmine Diane
Join Me For #OohLaLaOctober
fall workout challenge by influencer jasmine diane

Are you ready for #OohLaLaOctober? I’m back with another Instagram fitness challenge. This month’s challenge is to do 16 workouts in 31 days. Last month we completed 12 workouts in 30 days for #SnatchedSeptember. Click here to check out highlights of last month’s challenge. Join Me For #OohLaLaOctober

My Story

I went from 2 workouts per month to 3 per week due to the challenge and accountability that I experienced during #SnatchedSeptember. I was encouraged to workout by seeing my friend’s and sisters’ posts. I lost a couple of pounds, my posture got better, and I finally found an outlet to take care of myself. I struggle with making myself a priority sometimes, so the gym was the perfect excuse to do something fun just for me.

How to Join

  1. Follow me on Instagram @thejasminediane.

  2. Head to my #OohLaLaOctober IG Highlight and screenshot the Stories graphic.

  3. Add a tally or gif every time you workout this month.

  4. Post to your stories and page using ##OohLaLaOctober and tag me, @thejasminediane.

  5. Challenge yourself!

Thanks for checking out this post and I hope to see you sweating on the gram participating in #OohLaLaOctober. It’s going to be amazing!