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Jas Where the Heck Have You Been?

Lifestylejasmine dianejas, news

Drum roll please.... I am now employed beyond TheeFashionStories,LLC. This is part of the reason why I have not been blogging. I have been working and staying on track with school (Amen). I will be back to regular scheduled blogging soon. I was going through some personal trials and needed time off. Honestly, blogging was taking over my life then I started dating, so my priorities were out of wack for a bit. Now, I am back on track and working on new things to bring to TheeFashionStories! Can you say, "We're moving on UP!" Ha.

Check out the first episode of Tiger Trends below and send me your feedback. It is my job to host each episode, come up with concepts for the episodes, and style the models. I love my new job and hope to incorporate more videos into TheeFashionStories soon. I have new buttons as well. I am getting pumped about blogging again, which is great! God has renewed my mind and given me a brand new focus. Please pray with me about time management. I tend to get caught up on my laptop.

I have tons more in store to share with you all. I will be at KC Fashion Week and I am helping plan the Women of Imagery Annual Scholarship Fund Fashion Show as well. Btw, did you notice the new colors and layout? Yes, yes it was time to spice things up! Spring is right around the corner. I love you guys and I am feeling more like myself everyday now.

Thank you all so much for rocking with me!

Much Love,