Fit Fridays: I've Only Lost 1 Pound, Now What?

Fit Fridays: I've Only Lost 1 Pound, Now What?

I've only lost 1 pound in the last 2 weeks and it sucks. Though I'm proud of myself for going to the gym 3 days per week, I haven't really lost any weight just inches. So now I'm back at the drawing board trying to intensify my strategy. Let's break this thang down because I'm still on a mission to get fit and enjoy my summer body. What about you?

1. Working out 4 days/week for 45 minutes per day
I worked out for 3 days/week for an average of 30 minutes for the first 3 weeks of February. Just this week, I've been 4 times already and plan to go today. I just started weight lifting and extra butt lift  exercises. Now that my body is used to the gym, I'd like to use the treadmill instead of the elliptical.
Tip: To lose weight quicker run on the treadmill, NOT the elliptical. The elliptical is for toning.
2. Increase fiber intake
Yes, I did! I'll work on a recipe post for the near future. I'm eating flax seeds with yogurt and fruit for breakfast, a heavy lunch, and light dinner with snacks in between! If you're not sure what's in your food, download My Fitness Pal. This app is great for tracking your calorie intake and fitness goals!
3. New headphones and workout gear
Cash moves everything around me, but I have bills so I'm mobile. LOL. I'm kidding! I got some new headphones from Wal Mart that are now broken and recently got new socks. I'm treating myself to new sports bras once I lose 7 pounds!
Tip: Treat yourself! You are changing your life for the better!
4. Disciplined dieting
I have done 100x better with my diet for the most part. I cut out alcohol and sweets for lent last week because I have no discipline in those areas. I have noticed that I crave fruit everyday. My favorite fruits are Pink Lady apples, cantaloupe, blue berries, and pineapple. Name your favorite healthy snacks below! I'm looking for new things to try!
5. Make fitness goals
I still have my fitness goals! I have a weight loss goal for sure, but fitness is about more than that. I want to change my sedentary lifestyle to a more active lifestyle. I graduate in a few months and plan to join some recreational sport team once I graduate or be a cheer coach or bike. Whatever the case may be, I want my body disciplined for what's next in life! Being conscious of what I consumer has trickled into being more conscious of how I spend my time and allocate my energy.
Weigh In:
Feb 12: 173 lbs
Feb 26: 172 lbs
Goal Weight: Between 140 lbs and 150 lbs
Revised Strategy:
1. Treadmill for bulk of cardio, NOT elliptical
2. Try new recipes, fruits, etc.
3. Never look back!
And we're done! I'm not a health expert or dietician, but I have successfully trained myself to lose weight in the past. The only stumbling block for you losing the weigh is you. The problem isn't a lack of knowledge, it's a lack of discipline. Let's get fit together and change our worlds together! Peace and love!
Ps. Leave any all comments, suggestions, and tips below. Give me some insight on if you liked this fitness post or if you prefer fashion!