I Was on the Radio

Blog Image Template I was on the radio a few weeks ago. I guess this post is a little late, but it didn't really hit me to share. Not because I wasn't excited + honored + humbled to be a part of a teen talk show that I grew up listing to, Generation Rap on Hot 103.3 Jamz, but because I was out of touch with how big that was. Not to toot my own horn at all because everything I do or strive to be is for God's glory.

I can ramble on and on about how it was him working through me all along. I am amazed at what he has done with my life and this site. Being on the radio was the first layer of icing on the cake. Thank you Generation Rap for having me + Maya especially for choosing me and joining the #JasmineDiane family. Listen to the clip here. My section starts after the first commercial break.

Cheers to dreaming + working hard! Oh yeah, follow me on instagram @TheJasmineDiane. Help ya girl get to 2k this summer.

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