Do Not Quit

Be better than ever before.

I literally hate when I see people not following their dreams. It kills me inside seeing people live mediocre lives when they have extraordinary dreams and talent. So I am writing this post begging you to go for your big dreams! I promise you that you'll regret not trying more than you will ever regret failing. Life lessons come from failing. Mistakes should be used as tools!

Do you recall the last time that you tried something for the first time? Well get yourself up and try something new. What is stopping you from going out on a limb and taking a big chance? You see where you want to be, but you refuse to take that leap of faith. Why? Well below I have listed a few ways to help you stop living mediocre!

How to Live Beyond Mediocracy

1. Believe in yourself.

2. Put your faith in Jesus Christ to see you through the tough times.

3. Laugh more than you cry.

4. Swing your feet on occasion.

5. Think positive thoughts.

These are simple steps to take on a daily basis to ensure that you live beyond mediocracy. I have been at my lowest before, broken but not cast out and the easiest way to come out of that was faith. Believing that Christ had a better plan for my life has always been my foundation. So what do you believe in? Where have you laid your foundation?

When I was down and out I loved to have pity parties. I enjoyed laying in the dark and drowning my sorrows in alcohol and parties. I was content with never being happy again after a series of unfortunate events took place in my life in 2013, but God had other plans. He used my friends and peers to keep me strong and build me back up. God even gave me an awesome boyfriend who is encouraging, compassionate, and loving. So who are you surrounding yourself with? Are you friends helping you to grow? Does your relationship bring peace and love to your life? Stop holing onto things and people that drain you.

Never ever forget that God put you here on Earth with a purpose in mind. You are beautiful and amazing. Your smile lights up dark places inside of people. Never stop smiling and never give up on your dreams. Be strong and faithful to yourself. Learn to invest in yourself and the rest will follow!

Much Love,

Jas the Stylist