I Got Smash Glammed

I Got Smash Glammed by Jasminediane.com

Have you ever treated yourself to a full on glam session, complimented with girl talk + career inspiration? Those were my favorite pieces of my Smash Glam experience.  The Smash Glam Team, Tiffany and Aisha, gifted me with a mini session for being a college graduate. How sweet? If you are looking for professional headshots in Kansas City, look no further.

I waited all summer for the experience and it was well worth it. I was having a sucky day, well week rather before my Smash Glam session because I was uber stressed out after leaving my job + feeling overwhelmed. Aisha and I talked for what seemed like an hour while she beat my face to the gods. LOL no but really she gave me a grown woman look with a sexy smokey eye. I never play up my eyes, so I was more than pleased with her work. She is so talented + sweet.


Tiffany created the scene for my dynamic images + shot me. I love the camera and she's a pro so the actual shooting didn't take long. There's something special about the Smash Glam team. Their presence goes beyond their undeniable talent. The happiness + conversation that I experienced at their studio totally changed my day.

Invest in your brand by scheduling a session with Smash Glam. You deserve it. Thank you again, Tiffany and Aisha, for the stimulating conversation + beautiful pictures.

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