Tricks to Balancing It All

Life after college has just started and I am hitting the ground running with new a couple of new businesses, an amazing internship, and some freelance work. That sounds like a lot of growth right? Yes, but with growth comes new stress and changes so I have decided to spill the tea on balancing it all. What's Going on in MY WORLD: It's been awhile since my last girl talk post and boy have a ton of things changed. I am now single and loving it. Though I miss having my boyfriend around to cuddle and joke with it is nice to stretch out in bed, eat whatever I want whenever I want, and truly focus on my businesses. Yes, that is plural! I am launching Cupcakes and Connections next month on June 16! The purpose of Cupcakes and Connections is to unite minority business owners in the Kansas City area. I am also launching my line this summer, so stay tuned for the name and official launch. Needless to say I have a lot going on in the midst of being a recent grad.

Small Changes for Success: 1. Intern My amazingly talented and humble intern Brea will make her debut next week. You all will see her work on the blog weekly! She is bringing new categories + fresh ideas to the team so I am super excited to have her. Not to mention that it was becoming impossible to manage creating new content with all of my other business ventures and time commitments. Advice: Source out the work that you cannot maintain. Work + life balance is super important to ones' health and mental wellness.

2. Journaling I have always loved to read and write, but for some reason in college I fell away from them both. I became super digital and now I hate that. Journaling is an easy way to maintain my sanity + organize my thoughts. Advice: Grab a cute journal and + a funky color gel pen and get to writing! You may be the next CEO or big name fashion designer if you take the time out to channel your energy through writing.

3. Candles Smell goods make a world of difference. Scents can channel energy + good vibes. If you're new to candles like myself then take this time to experiment with different scents. You may love lavender to calm you or lemon to spice things up. I matched my candle color with the decor in my bedroom to start out. I ventured out with both plum and mango candles. I try to light the candle in my room every time I am working. (Which lately has been about 8 hours per day.) Advice: Invest in a few candles or oils to fill your space. Cheap candles do the trick! I purchased 1 candle from Wal Mart and another from Target. Both were under $10. I placed one on my bookshelf in my room and the other in the bathroom on top of the stool.

Questions (Leave your answer below please): 1. How do you balance everything on your plate? 2. What is your favorite scent?

Thanks for allowing this post to add a little sparkle and spice to your day! Be sure to connect with me on instagram @TheJasmineDiane and snapchat! I am @TheJasmineDiane on every form of social media. Let's connect!!