I Big Chopped Now What


I big chopped now what? Those were the words echoing in my head this past Friday night.

I big chopped in front of my full-body naked with a pair of craft scissors while watching Baggage Claim. Sounds glamorous right? LOL I was sick and tired of my box braids. They were heavy, my spirit was heavy with them, and I needed them gone so I went with my heart and cut them out. Cutting off the relaxed ends of my hair was like freeing myself of all emotional baggage.

Have you big chopped before? Are you natural? What was that experience like for you? I'm interested to hear what your experience was like because I'm obsessed with my natural hair. Embracing the fullness of who God made you to be is something very powerful and magical.

This is my second big chop. The first time I wasn't ready yet. I knew that I wanted it, but I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. Ever since then the idea of not accepting who I really was bugged me. Like how could I not love the hair that God gave me. I used to tell people that it wasn't that deep, but now I see exactly what they were trying to get me to understand.

[Tweet "This new love for #blackgirlmagic is the beginning of a new world in terms of what it means to beautiful."] I love my hair and I am so damn happy that I big chopped.

Share all of your big chop stories below. Let's open up the natural hair discuss + tell me your favorite natural hair products.

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