How To Revamp Your Closet for Fall 101

How To Revamp Your Closet for Fall 101

Summer is officially over and Fall is upon us. This Summer was great by the way! Now it's time to revamp your wardrobe for Fall. Here are a few steps to a success sorting and shopping process.

1. Set out EVERYTHING, meaning all of your tops, bottoms, jewelry, shoes, and handbags. Tip: Laying everything out in categories such as long sleeves, short sleeves, church clothes, etc. can really help!

2. Get rid of everything that is out-of-date and donate it to a local shelter. (Unless you are a vintage fashion lover of course!) Tip: The DQ Kappas are having a clothing drive. There are tons of other organizations to give to as well. Try to find one that gives to people that are less fortunate instead of donating to places where those who are less fortunate have to buy from. The Wardrobe is a great place to give to if you are Columbia, MO.

3. Try on everything that is left in your possession. (Having an honest friend or family member around for this may help. Sometimes it is hard to get rid if clothes that you have paid for or just simply adore, even if they make you look like a fool. Trust me... I know!) Tips: If it is so tight that you can barely breathe and need the help of 2 people to zip it.... LET IT GO! If it adds 10 pounds to your shape... LET IT GO! Clothes should make you feel and LOOK great! Don't hide that fierce shape that you have darling!

4. Put together outfits with everything that you have left in your possession. Tip: If you don't know how to pair things in your closet than look at a couple of different fashion magazines or online publications for inspiration. Of course, it would be most convenient to just click through the different pages of this blog since you are already here! Ha.

Concept by Destanee Foster

5. Do double takes with each item, especially pieces that you aren't totally sure about. Honestly, if you don't love it then you probably won't wear it!

We're on Etsy now!

6. Go shopping for a few staple items for the fall. (Def: Pieces that go with anything) My staple items include a beanie, infinity scarf, black boots, gold chain, and my boyfriend jeans. Tip: You will be able to purchase your vey own beanies starting this fall!

Bonus Tip: I color coat my closet so that it's easier to find pieces.

I hope that this was easy to follow and helpful! If you need additional assistance or one-on-one instruction please check out my Services page for a price quote. Good luck!

Much Love, Jas